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Calgary Roofing | Client Stories

Calgary Roofing | Client Stories

Calgary Roofing | No Payne Roofing is dedicated to being Calgary’s top choice for quick roofing repairs, installations, and maintenance. Our field service teams are trained to do jobs quickly and well—that’s why we’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau and our city’s top choice for quick and lasting roof repairs!

While we could go on for days about our team and their work, we wanted to highlight what our clients have said about No Payne and our services. These jobs emphasize what we do best—caring for people and their homes.

We’ll follow each review with why we believe we were the right fit for the job and how we’re ready to take on all of your pressing tasks—big or small.

Have you ever been in the situation when you needed a contractor and couldn’t get in touch with one or didn’t have your calls returned? If you have, that won’t be the case with No Payne Roofing. We came home to a potentially big problem on a Saturday afternoon and had a lot of difficulty finding a place that was open and/or one that answered their phone until we called Mike. Not only did he answer but after hearing our situation, promised to be there in less than a couple of hours. We cannot say enough great things about Mike. He assessed the situation, told us why it was happening and came up with a solution. He came back the next day to complete required work and installation. Plus he provided us with photos and details for insurance. He also came back for a follow inspection to make sure the work he provided was working as promised. I feel super lucky to have found No Payne Roofing and you will also feel the same way. Top Shelf Service!

Daniel Doucette

Calgary Roofing | Thanks, Daniel! It’s true—when emergencies strike, you want to get through to an expert right away. We keep our phones close and our planners closer.

We know that minor problems can quickly grow into big ones, and the lack of sleep is sometimes worse than the damage itself. That’s why we’re quick to answer and get to the job site as quickly as possible.

Insurance documenting is also a critical part of what we do. Our priority is to help you get the most value out of your call.

I would and will recommend No Payne roofing to anyone who needs a new roof. The quote Mike gave was awesome for the size of my home and with a new skylight as well. The crew arrived on Thursday morning and finished the work on Friday afternoon. After the work was done on Friday I came home to my new roof. I went around my home and you could not tell that anybody was there as they cleaned up so well that I could not find anything left behind from the work they had done.

Now every time I come home I love to look at my beautiful new roof as I pull up to my house. Thank you Mike and your crew for the great professional work you have done.

Dan Tait

Calgary Roofing | Thanks, Dan!

We’re proud to offer competitive quotes and quick turnarounds, and keeping the place clean is a bonus. You just got a beautiful new roof—that shouldn’t come at the cost of your lawn!

We are 100% pleased with No Payne Roofing. The crew were polite and as obtrusive as roofers could be. There was no mess for us to clean when the job was done. Mike really knows the business of roofing and on his advice, we got the best roof we could afford which yielded us a significant savings on our home insurance.

Dana Goldstein

Calgary Roofing | Thanks, Dana!

When you’re working with hammers and nails, being “unobtrusive” is high praise. You’re inviting us onto your property and trusting us with delicate work—we promise to treat your home like we would our own.

My first contact with Mike was, when the wind took off some shingles on my roof. He went to my house, get it replaced and fix it without seeing me. He sent me the pictures before and after the shingles were fixed.
When We have our house damaged by the hail, I called him immediately and he took care of all issues with the best upgrades.
No Payne are the one you call if you have any problems with your house like hail, natural disasters or planning roofing, sidings and best quality upgrades for your house above all.
They are very busy because they are the best.
They will not only tell you about what you need in your house, they will work with you to achieve it.
They made me know that the quality of materials and ways you roof your house give you the quality of air, save money on heat, utility bills and absolutely no mould build up. They are confident in their warranty and encourage you to fill free to contact them for any concern.
They might give you a little bit of Long time to start your project, but they show up on the time schedule and it’s worth waiting for your turn with them.

Felix Guobadia

Calgary Roofing | Thanks, Felix!

We understand the stress that comes with flying shingles and unpredictable field worker timelines. If we see an opportunity to help, we’ll jump in.

Nature doesn’t wait to pounce, and neither do we. Glad we could help!

We were in a bit of a bind with needing to meet conditions to sell our house. Our roof had a leak that needed to be fixed before we could sell the house. Called Mike and he had his guy over the next day and it was done. Price was good and we sold our house. It couldn’t of went better.

Thanks Mike!

Martin Kanka

Calgary Roofing | Thanks, Martin!

Deadlines are everything when it comes to selling your home. Our teams work to hit all of our commitments to make sure you’re hitting all of yours. Congratulations on the sale! Glad we could help.

We needed our roof replaced due to wind damage. Shopped around a few companies and definitely got the most value for our money from No Payne Roofing. Most companies just gave quotes with budget shingles. Mike was the only one who did an attic inspection as well and pointed out some important issues to improve air flow in the attic. Even with rain delays Mike worked with us to ensure job is completed in a timely manner. overall we had a great experience. When you are spending this kind of money it makes to sense hire someone who understands the customers needs and can guide them through it and Mike certainly offers this.

Ahsan Siddiqi

Calgary Roofing | Thanks, Ahsan!

We’re not a one-trick pony. A good roof replacement should examine all of the functions of your home and maximize the value you receive from our services. Rain or shine, we’re here to make your home better and can walk you through every step of our process. We’re happy to help!

We believe our reviews speak for themselves. Chat with us today if you’re looking to see how we could help you with your home improvement needs. Like all of these happy customers, you’ll be glad you did!

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