Promotional Products Calgary | How to Choose your Brand Provider

Promotional Products Calgary | How to Choose your Brand Provider

Today we chatted with Kelly Burnett, CEO of Promotional Bridge! Kelly has been providing branded products for No Payne Roofing for many years. With a wide variety of products to offer, Promotional Bridge has every base covered! Contact Kelly for all your promotional needs!

All of our podcast guests get a No Payne Roofing branded mug, these mugs are high quality and have a great big logo which helps our brand. We really like the cup because it sits in our customers’ cupboards and keeps giving them a little reminder that reliable roofing is just around the corner. Often customers will lose the receipt and then when they need your services again they just can’t quite remember who that company was. Well, this is one great way to ensure that they never forget who you are.

Like any advertisement, execution is key. So for us, we want to provide promotional products that our customers will use over and over again. There’s no one size fits all, different personalities will appreciate different things. One promotional product I just can’t bring myself to appreciate is the wireless charger, no one I know uses them, so I have a hard time buying a promotional product like that.

Give Kelly a call, and go check out her shop, she has a ton of selection to help get your brand up and running or strengthen it further. 

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