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Roofing Companies Calgary | The Roofing Industries Dirty Little Secrets

Roofing Companies Calgary | The Roofing industry can be a dirty business with many hidden secrets. It is important to know what you are getting into when hiring a roofing company. It is important to do your due diligence before paying a company to operate on your roof. Here is an inside look at some of the industry’s dirty little secrets and great recommendations on keeping roofing companies accountable. 

The Manufacturer’s Requirements

The first industry secret is that most roofers are not trained by the manufacturer nor do they have any ventilation training. Manufacturers offer training to roofing companies, and Certainteed even requires at least one of every three staff on the roof to be qualified and have passed a shingle master course. No Payne Roofing is one company that is aware of this industry flaw and ensures that their staff is properly trained in all of the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements. 

Another secret of the industry is that most roofing companies have never read the manufacturer’s specifications on the back of the bundle of the shingles that are being applied to thousands of homes in Calgary. This lack of attention to detail can lead to a less-than-optimal quality of product for the customer.


All companies subcontract, which can hurt the quality of service. Due to not training the Calgary Roofing Companies staff, the result can end in a less than satisfactory result for the customer. Many Roofing Companies In Calgary can be tight on funds and will often try to be the cheapest bidder in town to make sales go through. Unfortunately, this has become a bit of a culture in the roofing industry. Calgary Roofing Companies may neglect to tell you things like your decking and other vital components need replacing to avoid what is called “sticker shock” sticker shock: is an informal term in business when potential customers experience shock related to the price of a product being unusually high. Vital issues can be omitted for the sake of landing the job, leading to more cost down the road for the Calgary homeowner.

Attic Inspections, A Must Do Prior to Having A Roof Replacement

Most roofers do not even check the attic space of the home they are about to replace the roof on, which is one of the most important discussions you can have before doing any Calgary Roofing work. By informing homeowners of potential problems that have been noticed after the work is already commenced, it could cost roofing contractors money that they will lose out on. If scrap bins have to be pulled, bundles need to be lifted off the roof, this will add extra costs to the roofing company’s expenses as a result of not doing proper Calgary Roofing Inspections. As a result, sometimes issues will go unmentioned. Most roofers will not want to notify homeowners mid-job that the price of their roof has just doubled to keep the contract. It is important to note that a roof can cost a lot more than what was initially quoted, especially if you want to get it done correctly.

Keeping Roofing Companies Accountable

One solution to keeping Roofing Companies Calgary accountable is checking their qualifications. Great questions to ask are things like: Does the roofing company hold a red seal certificate? Do they have manufacturer training? Have they taken any ventilation courses? Homeowners can ask roofing companies which courses they have taken to get a better insight into their level of accountability and qualifications. 

Another thing you can do is call the runner-up company that is a part of your roofing quotes and have them come in for a third-party inspection after the company you choose to hire has completed the work on your roof. The goal here is not to surprise the company you choose to hire, but before committing to doing any work on your home’s roof, notify them that your roof will be thoroughly inspected by a third-party inspector. Make sure the company is ok with this, and this will set the tone for the company to perform well and be honest about any potential issues that may arise before starting the job. 

The Perspective of a Local Home and Business Owner

To gain a buyer’s perspective on roofing in Calgary, and to seek out ways other Calgary homeowners plan on keeping Calgary Roofing Companies accountable. We decided to get in touch with local homeowner Jim Hoey who Is also the founder of Conquest Outback Productions

We asked Jim to explain to us what his approach would be in keeping a roofing company accountable in the event that his home or business were to be re-roofed. 

Jim exclaimed: 

“Anytime a homeowner is hiring a service from their home it is important to access testimonials and Google 5 Star ratings. If a company has one or two ratings that are poor but the owner can reasonably explain then that is one thing. But if the company has many unhappy reviews then it’s important to consider a service that has better reviews. This is an effective method for getting a great service involved in your home improvement.”

Roof Assessment & Attic Inspections, A Must Do!

No Payne Roofing has a roof assessment protocol which includes getting an attic inspection to take an in-depth look inside to see if there are any underlying issues that the company or the homeowner may not know about. A local expert like No Payne Roofing knows neighborhoods in Calgary incredibly well and can usually tell you exactly how much the job will cost, even in the worst-case scenario. With 15 years of experience in Roofing Calgary, No Payne Roofing has a wealth of experience operating on homes with the utmost care and attention to detail.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to trust the person who is operating on your home. With an inside look into certain roofing industry flaws and great suggestions on how to keep Roofing Companies In Calgary accountable, you can now make better-informed decisions about who is going to be operating on your home. 
No Payne Roofing is a company that will give you the straight facts about your home or business roof. For a trustworthy quote from an industry-leading professional, get in touch with the friendly experts at No Payne Roofing.

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