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Calgary Roofing Shingles | Roof Installation Service in Calgary, AB

Calgary Roofing Shingles | If you’re about to finish your property construction with a well-installed roof, you’ll need experienced specialists to help you. Roofing installation needs an extensive knowledge of the process.

No Payne Roofing provides complete roofing installation services for all properties in Calgary and its surrounding areas. Call us today to know more about all our services including our Calgary-renowned siding repair and installation services.

Calgary Roofing Shingles | What We Can Do For You

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Metal Interlock Shingle

Using specialty interlocking metal shingles, we provide your property with superior metal shingle installation. The procedure guarantees longevity and compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Rubber Shingle

Provide your home with the most affordable yet durable and long-lifespan roofing installation. Rubber shingles are affordable than conventional shingles but have the same lifespan and durability.

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Complete Roof

We will remove your roof entirely. Then, we will install your roof in a comprehensive step-by-step process complete with safety checks in each procedure.

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Post-Installation Evaluation and Maintenance

After the roofing installation procedure is completed, No Payne Roofing’s teams will conduct a thorough roofing investigation. This process will check each area for incorrect installation and possible damages during the construction process. Our post-installation evaluation includes providing necessary repair services for eavestroughs and chimney siding where needed or we deem faulty.

In-House Financing

We understand how roofing installation is quite a financial commitment. It’s never easy to quickly decide on having a complete roof tear-off and replacement either. To help you, we have exceptionally competitive interest rates with our in-house financing. Our fiscal support service includes helping you fund any cedar siding repair in Calgary you may crucially need.

We Provide Long Time Warranties on Labor and Materials

No Payne Roofing takes pride with its work. We only use top-grade rubber, metal, and asphalt roofing materials. For every roofing installation, we provide a 10-year warranty. If there’s anything wrong during your warranty period, we will fix it for you quickly without question. This guarantee is separate from the manufacturer’s respective assurance on materials

Value-For Money Service

We only guarantee the best outcome for our clients. Roofing is our passion and we aim to provide quality. Seeing a new roof rise and function as a major protector of the property is a great feeling for all our teams.

Superior Siding Installation and Repair Services

Siding is about 50% of the curb appeal of your residence. Therefore, it only makes sense to have the best siding repair company in Calgary. We handle cedar, aluminum, and vinyl siding repairs and installation with the utmost attention to detail and expertise.