There’s something about chimneys that makes you feel right at home once you see them popping out of the roof of a house from the curb. Either the fairy tales you’ve heard and read as a child or the Hollywood imagery associated with it influenced your views, chimneys make a home somehow complete. However, with furnaces and boilers substituting for traditional chimneys, is owning one still worth the investment and maintenance cost?

Truthfully, it still can be. It’s a luxury. A fireplace by the living room is definitely a beautiful and photogenic feature that some homeowners love to have. Fireplaces Online talks about the value-adding qualities that beautiful fireplaces with chimneys can bring.

Does Adding Fireplace Increase Increase Home Value?

Fireplaces are an attractive feature in any home, but even more so in regions that experience seasonal weather. Living on the Jersey Shore, our summers are hot and our winters can be excessively cold, icy and dark. With around six months of chilly weather each year, having a fireplace can transform your shore home into a cozy refuge; a place to come together as a family, watch movies, play games, drink hot cocoa and bond by the orange embers.

Ambiance aside, does having a fireplace inside of your home actually increase the value of your house? According to poll of Real Estate agents by Angie’s list, 70% say that they saw a value increase when a home included a fireplace. Additionally, found that 60% of homeowners and buyers say that they are looking for a fireplace in their next home. Based on these statistics, installing a fireplace is a small-scale investment that anyone can make to quickly increase the value of their home. Luckily it is feasible to add a fireplace to virtually any home and Fireplaces Plus can work with a variety of budgets to create your dream structure. (Read more here)

On the other hand, some view chimneys as a huge disadvantage for homes. While it makes any roof attractive from the curb regardless of age, faulty chimneys are more a risk and devaluing factor than it’s cracked up to be. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about increased maintenance costs because of your problematic chimney.

The Irish Times has a great article on why you should consider removing your chimneys (or avoid planning to have one). For a view of the other perspective, keep on reading below.

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Remove a Chimney

Major structural changes can be daunting, but removing a fireplace can be straightforward and yield great results

One of the biggest uncertainties about a home renovation project is the structural element, and in particular what is involved in removing a chimney or fireplace. But it’s simpler than you think – you just need to plan properly for it.

It’s not that costly

I visited a home recently where the fireplace was right in the centre of the living space at the back of the house making it really difficult for the clients to see how to reconfigure the space around it. The solution was to take it out. Not only was it completely compromising the living space on the ground floor but it was taking up a huge amount of space from the bedroom above too.

Our clients had thought this would be very expensive but when you’re doing a complete refurbishment of your home, taking out a chimney is not a major cost. In fact, taking it out completely can be less costly than leaving it partially intact as this requires installing steel beams to support the section above.

They are relics of the past (continued here)

How thorough is chimney maintenance that you’ll require professional Calgary AB chimney repair and maintenance professionals to perform a complete inspection? Canada has its set of strict rules and regulation when maintaining chimneys. In turn, it’s a compulsory expense that you have to cope with.

Truthfully, if you’re a qualified chimney maintenance professional, you can perform DIY chimney cleaning on your own and present clearance to the local government. To know how chimney maintenance works, Chimney Solutions has an in-depth article that can help.

7 Tips for Off-Season Fireplace & Chimney Maintenance

Each season has things that you can enjoy only during those few short months of the year, such as a crackling fire in the fireplace during chilly winter nights. Whatever your favorite off-season activities, it’s a great idea to add chimney and fireplace maintenance to your list of spring or summer activities. The level of enjoyment you have of your fireplace during the coming winter may depend on what you do in the meantime. Chimneys need maintenance for optimal performance, and sometimes they need repair, though it isn’t always obvious. Check out the following off-season tips for your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney Inspection

Chimneys get rough treatment inside and out, which is why annual inspections are very important. On the interior, the flu is exposed to extreme temperatures and acidic creosote deposits. If you don’t have a chimney cap, the deterioration of your flue can be expected to occur sooner, since the mix of moisture and creosote can easily cause damage.

On the exterior, extreme weather conditions wear away at the mortar and masonry. The sooner damage is identified, the better, since moisture damage gets very expensive, if there is a delay in getting needed repairs.

By depending on chimney sweep professionals for a chimney inspection, you can be sure that any problems that exist will be identified. If you get a spring or summer inspection, you leave more room for damages to be repaired before winter weather returns.

Chimney Cleaning (Read Full Post)

Chimneys aren’t bad additions to any home. However, it pays to be always prepared with the additional expenses and other undesirable scenarios it can bring. If you plan to install chimneys or have your own maintained and repaired in any way, you can count on Calgary AB’s finest chimney experts at No Payne Roofing.

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