It’s just a few weeks until Christmas and the New Year arrives. While professional Calgary AB roofers can only render services if the entire household stays in a temporary home, they can perform pre-winter roofing inspections for your property. These are essential in preserving your roof’s lifespan. Additionally, they can install outdoor Christmas lights simultaneously for you.

Calgary AB has its fair share of excellent and well-executed Christmas lights ideas in many towns and cities across the city. Truthfully, many crafty homeowners can effectively install their lights before winter completely arrives. Any homeowner will want to have beautiful Christmas lights, but trekking your roof is dangerous for both you and the material.

Trained Calgary AB roofers with in-depth experience installing Christmas lights will never fail to fulfill your Christmas lights needs. They will listen to your design ideas, then they’ll give you recommendations using their skill strength and limitation as factors. The synthesis of both of your ideas will lead to a satisfying long-term roofing result.

You’ll have an excellent winterized roof plus a beautiful Christmas-lit home by the time you return too. This is fun, especially if you’d like to spread the holiday cheer to relatives and friends through video calls or images, which are the best celebratory choices available today.

Homeguard Roofing & Protection has a great list of steps to learn if your roof is effectively winterized. Read more about it below.

1. Get a close look at your roof.

Some damage can be seen from the ground, but the best way to check your roof for damage is to get onto your roof and look closely at it. You won’t be able to see everything from the ground. By getting a close look, you’ll be more likely to spot minor damage or weak spots to ensure that your roof is ready for winter.

2. Look for visible damage to the roof.

From loose or missing shingles to stains or rot, obvious damage is a big red flag when you’re winterizing your roof. These obvious signs of damage are an indicator that you need to do some work on your roof before the winter. If you don’t, even minor damage can lead to big problems after a significant snowfall.

3. Check your gutters.

Lots of people think about their gutters in the fall because of falling leaves. But it’s important to check your gutters before winter, too. If you don’t, melting snow won’t drain properly and the blocked gutters will cause problems for your roof and home.

4. Check for tree branches hanging over your roof.

Snow is heavy. When it falls on trees, a big snowfall can weigh branches down, even causing them to break and fall. If you have branches hanging over your roof, the snow can cause them to fall onto your roof, which can result in significant damage. These branches should be trimmed well ahead of winter to prevent this damage from occurring.

5. Check for damage from pests.

Weather is not the only thing that can damage your roof. Pests can be a problem, too. Whether damage comes from insects, birds nesting, or even small rodents. Checking for evidence of pests can address minor damage that can turn into a big problem in winter. (Continued)

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