The traditional asphalt roof can deliver top-grade, value-adding protection, and aesthetics for residences. While they might only last within 30-40 years, their excellent performance gives peace of mind to homeowners. Even if they need to invest in and use dependable Calgary AB roofers to replace them in the future, they can rest with the assurance that their new asphalt shingle roof performs exceptionally well.

Truth be told, metal roofs are the golden standard for enhancing a residential property’s overall value. Both standing seam and corrugated roofing offer unparalleled durability, low-maintenance, and an exceptional lifespan. However, it does have its limitations — especially on the budget side of things. Metal roofs are a costly investment.

However, replacing an old asphalt shingle roof of 30-40 years is more beneficial. With new roofing material, you have confidence that your roof won’t give out any time soon. While metal roofs have long-lasting lifespans, the material has faced a tremendous amount of wear and tear over time. Therefore, it’s much more unpredictable when it comes to its dependable performance despite the manufacturer’s estimates.

New asphalt shingle roofs — especially those from Certainteed — offer you better value for money than durable, capable, yet unpredictable metal roofing materials.

Vis Exterior has an excellent post about the total value a new roof of any kind can add to your property. Read more about it below.

The benefits of adding a new roof to your home

It’s not all about resale value – if you’re not planning on selling, consider the improved energy efficiency. In fact, energy efficiency is one of the top reasons homeowners choose to have a new roof installed.

Did you know asphalt shingles have the ability to lower the surface temperature of your roof by up to 50 degrees? This can help make your air conditioning more efficient. You can also get tax credits when you make these eco-friendly improvements.

Another benefit to adding a new roof to your home is that you’re getting an updated layer of protection that keeps everything under it safe and sound.

Short vs. long-term roof value

The short-term value of a new roof is something akin to that “new car smell.” A new roof gives a home a facelift, so to speak. It gives it a curb appeal that is undeniably attractive.

While the short-term value is attractive, roofs are made to last, and it’s the long-term value that all homeowners are hoping to gain from a new roof. “Long” is a relative term, as “long” for asphalt is going to be somewhere around 20 years. “Long” for a slate roof can be between 75 and 200 years, depending on the quality of the slate (soft slate will last around 50 years).

To improve the long-term value of a roof, be sure to have it inspected regularly so any necessary repairs can be attended to promptly. (Continued)

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