With the wealth of information available through the internet, you can find a solution to anything. Simple DIY fixes for your furniture, such as a peg removal and installation, will infallibly work and allow anyone to do it easily. However, you won’t try to verify a well-written instruction to construct a house or building on your own because you’ll need to buy the right equipment and have the best knowledge and experience in doing so.

Therefore, if this argument is true, then the following statement applies in real-life too: You can only count on roofing professionals in Calgary AB, to deliver the results you need for your roofing repairs and replacements. Unfortunately, many homeowners still believe they can handle a roofing issue with full complacency regarding its results.

Truthfully, we don’t underestimate an individual or group’s capacity to handle tasks we’ve studied, applied, and mastered for years. If homeowners have decades of patience and have saved up for the right equipment and device set, they can deliver the knowledge and experience of excellent roofing for their roof repair.

If otherwise, we highly suggest that working with local roofers in your area with full material certification from reliable roofing material manufacturers is the best choice. It always pays to work with dependable roofers for simple roofing maintenance and repairs to full-on replacements.

Certainteed has an excellent article on why consider having credentialed contractors for your residential roofing needs. Read more about it below.

A credentialed roofing contractor can:

  • Offer extended manufacturer warranties that extend past the usual manufacturer warranty benefits. These warranties may cover costs associated with labor, disposal, replacements, and workmanship, over an extended period of time.
  • Perform quality work that will put your mind at ease about the integrity of the roof system after the roofing process has been completed.
  • Offer excellent advice and recommendations about the roofing process as well as provide answers to your questions.

Finding and Verifying a Credentialed Roofing Contractor

So how do you go about determining whether a contractor or company holds those credentials needed to get the job done right? You can typically verify the credentials of a roofing contractor by visiting a manufacturer’s website, as most keep a publicly accessible database of companies who hold credentials – such as CertainTeed’s ‘Find A Pro’ tool.

Credentials can provide peace of mind when hiring a roofing company, yet there are other criteria that should be checked before hiring a credentialed roofing contractor. These criteria include:

  • That the credentialed roofing contractor is licensed if licensing is required.
  • That the roofing contractor has company certificates of insurance. Furthermore, you should ensure that the company covers liability and workers’ compensation insurance and that this coverage is current. Note that workers’ compensation is not required in Texas.
  • Satisfactory references that include roofing projects in your area
  • Ensure that the contractor provides a workmanship warranty; typically for a period of 1 or 2 years, but the term can be longer

In conclusion, credentials are a hallmark of a roofing company who has verifiable product and installation knowledge, yet be sure to verify credentials and other professional criteria before you award a roofing contract. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a certified contractor near you, you can always count on us at No Payne Roofing to deliver the best roofing services. We’re a Certainteed-certified roofer with decades of experience and trustworthy roofing results suitable for all your needs. Contact us today!