Nobody wants to have roofing problems. In fact, even with their roofing skills, the most dependable and knowledgeable roofers of Calgary AB wouldn’t want any homeowner to have roofing problems. However, you’ll want to have roofers on-scene should it happen — and you definitely want to resolve your problem as fast as possible.

Homeowner-roofer miscommunication is one of the primary reasons most roofing jobs take a bit more time. On the other hand, roofers can’t fault you for not knowing what is wrong with your roof exactly. However, it’s important that we learn about your availability. Often, roofing teams head to property owners’ homes, but they’re no around. Furthermore, the clients fail to provide important contact numbers, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and any channel we can communicate with them.

Another point of contention is the roofer’s suggested deadline is often disagreeable to the homeowner. Reputable roofers in Calgary AB are not recommending extended deadlines to make more profits from you (especially not if we’re doing it on a fixed deadline). It’s to ensure they provide the highest quality of roofing possible that can last for decades or even beyond for your property.

Lastly, your roofers aren’t annoyed if you keep asking questions about the progress and deadline. We anticipate and fully understand our clients’ needs — and we value transparency above everything else. If there is clear communication between roofers and homeowners, the job becomes easier and faster too.

House Logic has some of the best tips to get the best work from your contractors. These tips aren’t solely applicable to roofing contractors alone — but other contractors in Calgary AB you might work with too. Read more below.

We’ve been around enough remodeling jobs to know that if you want great results, you’ll need to actively manage the process — even if you’ve hired a general contractor to oversee the work. Get apathetic or lose your focus and you may pay for it — literally.

Here are seven smart ways to stay on top of the job and maintain strong communications with your contractor and construction team.

1. Avoid Allowances

An allowance is a line item in the contractor’s bid for something that’s yet to be determined. For example, if you haven’t chosen the plumbing hardware for your new master suite, the contractor will put an allowance number in the budget as a placeholder.

But with such a wide range of price points for these products, his estimate may be far lower than what you wind up spending.

Try to eliminate allowances by sorting out all of your material and product selections before the contractor gives you an itemized bid for the job. Otherwise, do enough shopping to give the contractor an accurate ballpark price for the materials you’re considering.

2. Establish Good Communication

Ask the contractor how he prefers to communicate with you. Good options include:

Being onsite and talking with your contractor every morning before work begins.

Having your contractor’s cell phone number and the OK to call or text anytime.

Talking with the job foreman every day at a pre-determined time.

Try to meet with the project leader at least once a day. This is an opportunity for you to hear progress reports and find out what work is scheduled over the coming days — and to ask your questions and voice any concerns you have. (Continued)

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