Metal has been the choice material for constructing the sturdiest structures across the country. With modern metal roofing, it’s become easy to find the best roofing materials out there that can last for 50 years immediately with minimal maintenance. However, with supplies becoming more expensive in the next few years, is it still worth investing in metal roofs? The short answer: yes, and it always will be.

As experienced metal roofers in Calgary AB, we have in-depth experience installing traditional and modern roofing materials. Nothing has changed when it comes to the composition and capabilities of metal roofing materials. It can still last an easy 50-70 years. You can paint over them, and you’ll have an acrylic elastomeric coating capable of protecting its zinc or aluminum coating and its steel core itself.

Acrylic elastomeric coating is more than just a protective layer. Manufacturers of this paint provide a great variety of colors for homeowners. In doing so, they are adaptable to the property’s aesthetics quickly, which makes it easy to improve the overall value of properties. If you’re remodeling a house to upgrade its marketability and price, metal roofs are the best options for the year and beyond.

The best argument to own a metal roof is its fireproofing capabilities. Traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles and clay tiles, can catch fire easily. Even with fireproof coating (which affects their overall aesthetics), it isn’t capable of preventing fire the same way metal roofs can. In this light, it’s still great to use metal roofs despite its shortcomings.

If you need to have metal roofs installed, make sure you’re working with professionals, such as No Payne Roofing, for all your needs. If there’s one disadvantage with metal roofing, it’s the initial costs. Here’s Roof Cost Estimator‘s metal roofing costs for 2020:

Despite all of their benefits, there is one important disadvantage to choosing a metal roof, and that is the initial cost of investment.

Many people are put off the idea of buying a metal roof because it will be more expensive than choosing cheaper options such as asphalt shingles. — This makes sense, if you are buying a roof for a building in which you only have a short-term interest.

If you will not be there to take on the cost of replacing the asphalt roof in ten or fifteen years, then asphalt will be the cheaper option.

However, if you have along term interest in the property, then it is worth comparing the cost of a metal shingle roof to the combined cost of all the asphalt roof replacements you are likely to need during your residence in the property.

Added to this, there will be the other benefits of having a metal roof, including its attractive appearance, its ability to keep your home cool in the summer and prevent problems with ice and snow during winter, the reduction of your home insurance premiums, and last but not least, your peace of mind in knowing that your roof will provide durable and weatherproof protection for your home and your family. After-all, metal may work out to be the most cost effective choice. (Continued)