Corrugated and standing seam metal roofs feel like the holy grail of modern roofing. Steel and aluminum are vastly sturdy materials. The same material they use to construct skyscrapers have the same durability and capability as the roofing material variants. However, most homeowners still favor asphalt shingle roofs. Many Calgary AB homeowners who can purchase metal roofing choose to use asphalt shingles or clay tiles instead.

Metal roofs can increase the value of your property, which makes them a truly worthwhile investment. They improve your property’s insulation. Metal is a good conductor of heat. However, acrylic coating extends metal’s lifespan and reflects UV rays thanks to its bright color. Furthermore, anyone during quarantine season can apply acrylic coating on their roofs without help from roofing contractors.

Next, metal roofing has a 70-year average lifespan requiring minimal maintenance. Standing seam metal roofs with hidden gaskets have longer lifespans than exposed-screw corrugated roofing. The latter’s gaskets wear and tear faster than standing seam because the rubber material exposes itself to the sun consistently.

Lastly, metal roofing is easy to install. If you have an old asphalt shingle roof, Calgary AB roofers with in-depth roofing experience and knowledge can install the new roof system without needing to tear down your old roof. However, this option is not excellent, especially if you intend to resell your property in the future.

Homelight shares a few things as to why metal roofs can increase your property’s value by a huge mile. Read more about it below:

How much will a metal roof increase your home’s value?

Because metal is considered a premium roofing material, it can conceivably increase your home’s value and boost your asking price, especially if it has a comprehensive warranty. For instance, Classic Metal Roofing Systems has a 40-year warranty from the date of installation, which transfers to the home’s new owners at no cost each time the home is sold.

You likely won’t recoup the entire expense, however. According to Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value 2020 report, a metal roof replacement has an average 61% return on investment nationwide.

What’s the metal-roof difference?

Metal roofs have a number of advantages, notably durability. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors says that metal roofing typically lasts two to three times longer than wood or asphalt shingles.

How much longer?

DryHome Roofing Inc., a roofing contractor in Sterling, Virginia, that’s certified by the Better Business Bureau, listed how long various roofing materials tend to last, barring high winds and other weather conditions that can damage any roof. (Continued)

Metal roofing materials can outperform traditional roofing materials by a mile. However, they require excellent roofers with in-depth experience to install them effectively. Well-installed metal roof systems help you go beyond its expected 70-year lifespan with minimal maintenance.

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