Picking the right roofing contractor can be a difficult ordeal. In fact, you may be dealing with a damaged or leaking roof and on top of that you have to look for a good roofing contractor in Calgary. Finding the right contractor who is experienced yet affordable can be difficult. You may not be sure whom to contact and whom to hire. To avoid it all you must do some proper research. Know what the questions to ask your roofing contractors. Moreover, if you haven’t hired any professional before, it may be more difficult. To avoid all the hassle, choose the right professional accordingly.

Are you a licensed roofing contractor?

Everyone looking for roofing work wish to hire licensed roofing contractors. License guarantees good service at the best price. Since you may not have a clear idea about roofing service, ensure the contractor holds proper license. Check if the license is up-to-date so it can help you take legal action if anything goes wrong during the service.

Do they have insurance?

Roofing work can be quite risky so you must look for a roofing contractor in Calgary having proper insurance. The company should have license as well as the professionals. This way you don’t have to bear the expenses if an accident occurs during service.

Are there roofing sub contractors?

There are several contractors who hire sub contractors to handle the roofing task. When hiring a contractor ask if they use sub contractors and then find out if they have insurance and workman’s compensation, etc.

Do they offer roof removal and roof installation both?

Find from the roofing contractor in Calgary is they offer roof removal services. Almost all roofing contractors offer a visual inspection of the roof, but simply an inspection is not enough you need proper inspection. After the inspection the contractor would be able to tell you if they can provide roof removal. However, roof removal needs to be done during roof installation. Good roofing contractors offer both.

Do they offer warranty on roof installation?

Ask the contractor if the roof installation comes with a warranty. Almost all established contractors offer proper warranty for several months to some years. So, find that out when availing the service and once sure only then hire the contractor.

Will there be a written estimate?

Getting an estimate is extremely important when availing roofing service. This would help you understand if it fits your budget or it is more than what you can afford.

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