Asphalt shingles, such as those that Certainteed manufactures, require minimal adjustments and additions to your roof. Its sufficient density and weight will not heavily tread against any roofing material. However, suppose you plan to take on the dense and heavier roofing material. In that case, you’ll need to consult with dependable roofers in Calgary, AB, to ensure your existing roof moldings can handle the weight.

Dense roofing material is ideal because of its long-term lifespan and consistent performance. For example, naturally-occurring slate stones are high-quality roofing materials because of their natural hardness and resistance against breakage during hailstorms. Clay tiles are heavy and dense. Despite their brittle nature, they can handle hailstorms and rainstorms like slate can.

However, these two materials will consistently push down against your roof moldings. If you have weak moldings, these materials can easily break your existing moldings, causing massive damages to your property.

The best way to know if you need roof molding enhancements is to contact your dependable Calgary, AB roofer. They can gauge and give you insight regarding the best possible roofing enhancements needed.

If you need further items to help with your new roofing installations, This Old House has an excellent list to get you started with the best roofing upgrades for all your needs.

Overlay vs. Tear Off

They use the same shingles, but these two installation methods are very different.

Overlay: Putting on a second layer

Most building codes allow for two layers of asphalt shingles on a house, so stripping off everything down to the plywood sheathing may not be your only choice. Nailing new shingles over existing ones is less expensive and faster, requiring less labor, but it also means you lose the chance to assess the sheathing for signs of water damage. If your roof is in good shape but has some damage to one side from a downed tree or has lost shingles in a wind storm, an overlay is worth considering.

Tear off: Stripping away the old roof

More expensive because of the additional labor and materials, peeling off the old roof down to the sheathing is your only option if you already have two layers. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva prefers this route even when the roof is just a single layer so he can find the source of any water damage, upgrade the flashing, and install shingles so they lie flatter.

Shown: Silva Brothers crew member Garrett DeBlois takes a prybar to 22-year-old asphalt roof shingles at the Manchester-By-the-Sea project house, which had begun to leak.

What It Costs

A new 3,250-square-foot roof can range from $6,500 to more than $20,000. Here’s what goes into a contractor’s quote.

Materials | 55%

Tear offs require many unseen parts like underlayments and starter strips. In an overlay, the shingles are the main material, and they account for more of the total cost, about 65%.

Labor | 35%

Stripping off a roof is labor-intensive, and complicated rooflines can increase the cost by up to 25%. An overlay is often a one-day job, reducing labor costs to about 25% of the budget.

Disposal | 5% (Continued)

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