We can’t blame you for finding it confusing when to repair or replace your Calgary AB residential roof. Some situations are clear-cut, such as finding leaks and water damages all over your home. However, roof scenarios involving a single hailstorm incident or missing shingles might throw off some homeowners, pushing them to go for an expensive roofing replacement.

One good rule of thumb is to consider the costs. A roof tear-off and replacement will cost more than just a simple roofing installation. Professional Calgary AB roofing companies will tear down the previous roofing material before installing the new system.

If your roofing repair costs exceed 50% of the total roofer’s replacement service estimate, your roof is no longer cost-effective. Even if this one-time repair fixes and restores its integrity, you’ll incur greater expenses later due to the unpredictable but stable roof situation you have.

However, this rule of thumb is not set in stone. Some lower-than-50% roofing repairs cannot guarantee a full roofing performance restoration. Choose this option only if you need to buy more time, saving for a roofing replacement service.

Long Roofing has a great list to know the perfect time to have roofing replacements. Read more about them below.

Missing Shingles

Over time, strong wind, thunder, and lightning storms can tear shingles off your roof and allow water to penetrate into the sheathing layers beneath. This can result in rot, which can be challenging to repair.

If you notice missing shingles after a storm, it’s best to call in a professional right away.

Curling Shingles

Shingles can begin to curl and break after a few years of wear and tear caused by heat and moisture. Curling shingles are often a result of poor attic ventilation or shingle double layering.

Double Layering

The worst way to replace a roof is to install a second layer of roofing material over the first one. This is also known as a “nail over.” While this type of roof replacement can be cheap, it’s also incredibly ineffective and can cause more severe damage to your home over time.

Placing a second layer of shingles over already rotten sheathing will shorten the life of a roof and cost you much more when you need a replacement, since two layers of roofing material need to be removed.

Not only does this add a significant amount of weight to your home – it’s almost like having two roofs – but the additional shingle layers will also absorb more heat and can cause premature deterioration.

In the end, you cannot know the full extent of roof damage unless you remove all roof material down to the sheathing.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters play a significant role in keeping water off of your roof and preventing moisture damage to your home. It’s important to keep gutters clear of obstructions, so we recommend cleaning them at least twice per year. (Continue Reading)

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