Almost every home in Calgary AB sports an asphalt shingle roof because it’s readily available, affordable, and completely convenient to install and repair. Furthermore, numerous dependable Calgary AB roofers are willing to install high-grade asphalt shingle roofing for any home.

You’re correct to assume that your asphalt shingle roofs will last for at least 30 years. However, you’ve heard stories of other homeowners whose roofs have ended up weakening earlier than they expected. The heat has a detrimental effect on asphalt shingle roofs.

Ultraviolet rays introduce significant amounts of heat energy into the asphalt. However, a protective layer that reflects the UV rays away from the material, which Certainteed mostly uses in their products, plays a crucial role in lengthening an asphalt shingle roof’s overall lifespan.

If you’re using roofing materials — especially untested ones from unidentified and obscure manufacturers — you can expect it to have a shorter lifespan than high-quality and proven asphalt shingle roofing materials. Truthfully, you can paint over high-quality asphalt shingles to lengthen their lifespan. However, doing so nearing the end of their life cycle, it’s better to have it torn down and have a fresh roofing installation.

Reiter Roofing has an excellent post that sheds light on protecting your asphalt shingles from the sun’s heat efficiently. Read more about it below.

It is recommended by experienced roofers the following steps be taken annually to properly care for your roof:

1)     Sealing and coating the roof to protect against harmful UV rays that can cause damage

2)     Installing vapor barriers that decrease moisture

3)     Changing your roof from an asphalt material to a cooler, more reflective material like tile or PVC

4)     Painting your roof white to cool the surface

5)     Apply periodic acrylic coatings to sustain your roof from thermal shock

6)     Take a proactive approach to repairs and maintenance (essentially stay ahead of the game)

7)     Consider changing your roofing to a green material, like recycled tires, when the time comes to replace your roof.

To begin with, sealing and coating the roof preserves the material, creating a durable environment that can withstand the heat for longer periods of time.  The type of sealant you choose depends on the material that the roof is comprised of, but most of the time, roofing professionals recommend using an asphalt based sealant.

Installing vapor barriers is another necessary step in protecting the quality of your roof.  The vapor barriers keep the moisture at a minimum by cooling the surface area, therefore, decreasing condensation.

Likewise, replacing your roof with a more reflective type material, like tile or pvc, will lessen the heat to a more sustainable temperature.  This will add to the permanence of your roof, consequently, extending the life of your whole house. (Continued)

If you are planning to tear down and replace your aging asphalt shingle roof, choose Certainteed shingles, which can last for more than 30 years and has a wide variety of aesthetic options. You can also count on No Payne Roofing for a certified Cerainteed roofing installation, repair, and installation. Contact us today to learn more.