It’s not exactly the first thing you want to purchase as a gift to any friend or family. However, if any of you or your neighbors in Calgary, AB, received a comprehensive roofing repair or maintenance service, you’ll likely thank the person who gave it to you. Roofing is our primary protection against the elements (along with walls), and receiving something we expensively need is always a huge blessing.

Therefore, if you want to make a grand gesture to any colleague, co-worker, friend, or anybody, in particular, ask them about their roof’s current state. They’ll likely tell you that they’re going through some rough patches due to a previous nights’ storm or challenging snowy conditions, which currently exist today. Then, surprise them with an online consultation from your most dependable roofers in Calgary, AB.

An online consultation includes a comprehensive roof review, analyzing every possible sign of leaks and damages big and small. If you work with a highly-dependable and certified roofer, such as No Payne Roofing, you will get charged for an online consultation. However, they will deduct it from the total service fee, making it one of the best deals anyone can have.

To maximize your use of this service, Gresham Roofing has an excellent list of items you should ask your roofers during a consultation. Read more about it below.


Asking this question is the easiest way to avoid scams. It’s not a good sign if a contractor sounds hesitant or unclear with their answer. Once they’ve provided the name, look it up in state and federal directories to verify its existence. If their name doesn’t show up, then cross them off your list.


Another essential question to ask a roofer during a consultation is how they will perform the roof replacement. In a roofing layover, installers nail new shingles directly over the old ones. This method isn’t a good option because it only conceals problems without actually addressing them. Also, the added weight of the new shingles can compromise the structural integrity of your home. A full roof replacement involves completely tearing off the old material, allowing roofers to fix hidden problems underneath the shingles before installing the new roof.


Larger roofing companies usually have a project manager who makes sure your roof is being installed according to local codes and manufacturer guidelines. The owner of the company or the manager may also be responsible for this task. Keep in mind that roofing is a complex job and if there’s no one supervising the job, that’s a huge red flag and a sign that you should go with a different company. (Continued)

If you have yet to find a reliable, certified roofer, No Payne Roofing will always guarantee the best results for all your needs. We’re a Certainteed-certified roofer and provide you affordable online consultation services from $125 deductible to your total service fee. Contact us today!