Structural support is the primary reason roofers want to tear off your old Calgary AB roof. If your roofing trusses and overall structural stability are weak, it will compromise your new roof’s longevity and capability. Even with outstanding Certainteed shingles that qualified and exceptionally-trained Calgary AB roofers installed, it won’t last for more than a month with weak trusses and foundations.

However, you’ve heard some accounts that roofers recommended not tearing off the roof. Instead, the professionals proposed that the new asphalt roofing shingles stay on the stable, even platform the old roof provides. Furthermore, the roof’s deck or sheathing remains intact without any wood rot or damages that termites can cause.

Truthfully, the best way to determine whether your roof qualifies for tear-offs and replacement rather than bypassing the former is to use qualified Calgary AB roofers to determine the best course of action. However, if you intend to install a new metal roof or flat concrete roof on your residence, you’ll need to completely tear off the old roofing material. There’s just no way around it.

Metal Roof Network has a great post that lists down factors that make it alright to tear down and replace your roof or keep it for the new roof to save on costs and labor. Read more about it below.

Among the many good reasons for choosing a metal roof is the fact that many types can be installed directly over existing roof coverings (like asphalt or wood shingles and shakes), saving the time, expense and landfill impact of removing and disposing of an old roof. While this isn’t necessarily true about every metal roof, such as many standing seam profiles which often require a smooth, flat deck as a substrate, choosing from the many that are designed for this purpose is not that difficult. Here’s how you know what options your roof presents:

Four Signs that Tear-Off is Best:

  1. The existing roof is so rough and uneven that it will compromise the appearance of the new metal roof.
  2. The existing structure is rotten or broken and needs to be repaired before the new roof can be installed.
  3. There are too many layers of existing roofing, and local or national codes restrict installing any more.
  4. There are too many layers of existing roofing that will prevent the nails or screws for a new metal roof from penetrating down into a structural component.

Four Signs that Metal Roof Install on Top is Best:

  1. There are only one or two layers of existing roof, and new nails or screws can penetrate what’s there to firmly anchor into the structural deck.

  2. The deck beneath the existing roof isn’t rotten or damaged.

  3. The existing roof isn’t terribly uneven or irregular.

  4. There are no local building code restrictions preventing such a job. (Continued)

In case you need a roof replacement, trust Certainteed shingles to give you an exceptional 20-35-year guaranteed lifespan and protection. You can count on Certainteed-certified No Payne Roofing to help you get the best-installed asphalt shingle roofs for your property.