With the quarantine period set in place, Calgary AB residents have only online consultations to consult with their roofing professionals. On the other hand, some believe online consultations aren’t as productive as roofing inspections and maintenance. However, the consultation efficacy through the internet and video calls depends significantly on your roofer’s overall capability.

Dependable Calgary AB roofers you can trust deliver exceptional results for your roof after consultation because of the following:

Decades of Experience and Handled Cases

Professional roofers in Calgary have more than ten years of experience handling roofing situations. They’ve handled a wide variety of roofing shapes, materials, and situations. In turn, they use these as situational references wherein they have a tried-and-proven solution, which they adapt to your situation once you send them a close-up video or image of your roof.

Certification and Expertise in Roofing

Roofing companies, such as us at No Payne Roofing, have certification from many different roofing brands to perform warranty-approved installations, repairs, and replacements. For example, we have the confidence and trust of Certainteed shingles, which we recommend because of their durability and dependability. These certifications are indications that we can provide factual and applicable solutions for your roof.

The State of Communications Technology Today

With high-resolution cameras on smartphones and excellent video-streaming capabilities, homeowners can illustrate their roof to their roofers in practical ways without harming themselves. Additionally, the roofers have a clear picture of the roof’s situation, too.

If you’re not too sure what to ask your roofers, you can consult Heidler Roofing‘s list of questions to maximize the service. We at No Payne Roofing provide online consultation services for $125, which we’ll deduct to your final billing if we find anything wrong with your roof. Call today!


Most states require roofing contractors to be licensed in that state in order to work; but codes and requirements will differ between states, which means it will help you to understand the code requirements for your area. This way you know you’re working with a roofer who will comply with your state’s codes. Knowing whether they are licensed, and whether that license is up to date, will give you legal recourse in the event that something goes wrong with the work, too.


Although it’s now required by law that roofing companies offer workman’s compensation insurance to their employees, regardless of their number, it’s wise to ask anyhow. Some contractors might choose to do without and take their chances, but if the injury happens on your property, there’s a risk that you could be held liable for the medical expenses—which no homeowner wants. Protect yourself by making sure that the roofing specialist you’re hiring offers workman’s compensation insurance.


Workman’s compensation insurance covers the roofing employees while they’re on your property, but you still have to worry about damage to your actual property as a result of work. Ask to see an insurance certificate to verify that the roofer has general liability insurance, so that in the event your roof, house, or property is damaged, you won’t be responsible for covering the damage that someone else caused. (Continued)