Before the year ends, let’s review what a roof inspection checklist should have. It’s an extremely important process because the stability, health, and performance of your roof depend on it. Failure to implement the right maintenance procedures can compromise you and your family’s safety. Don’t take roof inspections for granted. Instead, carefully plan for them and prioritize your roofing’s overall welfare.

Because the world is constantly evolving, your roofing practices should do the same as well. This is the reason why you should assess your roof inspection checklist every year. If you want to take roof inspections to the next level, keep on reading…

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2019 Roof Inspection Checklist

According to roofing experts, inspections should be scheduled at least twice a year. However, this is still highly dependent on varying factors like the weather and the structure of your property.

To guide you in keeping your homes safe and beautiful, here are the elements that you should include in a roof inspection checklist:

Exterior Area

  • Shingle Damages – If the roofing shingles are showing signs of blistering or curling, most likely, they’re going to be subject for a roof repair.
  • Missing or Misaligned Shingles – Bald spots and unusual shingle alignments are also alarming.
  • Loose Nails – Roof nails play an important role in keeping your roof intact. If there are loose or exposed nails, don’t think twice and ask for professional assistance.
  • Damaged Flashing – Water can penetrate cracks or holes, hence, you have to make sure that the flashings are all in good condition. You should also watch out for rust and corrosion.
  • Sagging Roof – A sagging roof is a huge red flag. If you aren’t sure about your roofing’s alignment, contact a licensed local roofer for a site inspection.
  • Shingle Granules in the Gutters – When the roof shingles start to shed their granules, they become less effective.
  • Chimney Damages – Even if you think that chimneys aren’t that significant, their cracks and holes can lead to serious water damages.
A roofer performing chimney inspection

Here’s a photo of a roofer inspecting the chimney area.

Interior Area

  • Attic Ventilation – Poor attic ventilation can lead to molds, water damages, increased energy consumption, and other issues. It’s a critical part of the roof inspection checklist that only professionals can perform.
  • Wall Stains – Stains are not just unpleasant to the eye. They can also signify more serious damages like mold proliferation and leaks.
  • Ceiling Holes – Ceiling holes are dangerous for they can invite different types of external threats like hail, dirt, snow, etc.

When Do You Need to Conduct Roof Inspections?

Workers inspecting a roof

Only licensed and trained roofing workers are advised to climb up and perform inspections.

Now that you’re already familiar with the things to include in your roof inspection checklist, the next question is when do you need it?

Read on below to find out when’s the right time to schedule a roof inspection…

Preventive Maintenance Plan

You would know if it’s time for a roof inspection if it’s within the schedule. A preventive maintenance plan is a comprehensive plan that covers all procedures developed specifically for your property. There’s a fixed schedule for inspections conducted by professional roofers.

After a Harsh Weather Condition

Even if your roofing is built to protect your property against the harshest weather conditions, it’s still not exempted from sustaining minor to major damages. Make it a habit to call your roofing partner right after a storm for your own safety and peace of mind.

Professional Roof Inspection

You’re the first person to feel or observe unusual signs happening within your property. However, it doesn’t mean you can perform roof inspections on your own. Here are the reasons why…


Refusing to spend for professional roof inspections may put you at risk for accidents like slipping or falling. One wrong step can lead to serious injuries that may even be more expensive. It’s better to spend on services that are safe and effective rather than to spend your hard-earned money on hospital bills. Always prioritize your safety above anything else by working with a reliable roofing contractor.

Close-up Of A Person Holding Magnifying Glass Over The House

In reality, you’ll end up with more savings if you set aside funds for professional roof inspection rather than doing it yourself which is riskier.

Structural Damages

Attempting to access your roof can lead to structural damages. Without realizing it, you can leave behind permanent damages like dents, scratches, etc. There’s also a potential to inflict more damages to parts that don’t necessarily need repairs if you don’t know how to properly conduct inspections.

Inaccurate Assessments

The purpose of roof inspection is to be able to come up with accurate recommendations. However, you wouldn’t be able to do so if you don’t have the proper training for it. Licensed roofers undergo rigorous training to be able to identify all kinds of roofing problem both obvious and unseen ones.

Roof Inspection Do’s and Dont’s

Here are the things to remember when conducting a roof inspection:


  • Partner with a roofing company that has a tried and tested reputation in your area.
  • Set aside funds for regular roofing inspections.
  • Plan your own schedule in order to accommodate the inspections.


  • Attempt to climb up your own roof without the clearance of a roofing specialist.
  • Delay the scheduled roof inspection services.
  • Make any roofing conclusions and assumptions based on your own assessments.

Wrapping Up

An annual roof inspection should always be a priority. For AB homeowners, it may be tempting to skip these procedures but keep in mind that the consequences are serious. To stay safe and protected, follow the advice of roofing experts.

Now that you already have an updated roof inspection checklist, work with a trusted roofing company to build a personalized maintenance plan for the whole of 2019.

Do you need help with your roof structural inspection? Or are you looking for an updated roof repair inspection checklist?

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