Roof leaks seem like a negligible problem. Small leaks can happen to any Calgary home, but you always have your trusty buckets to contain the water. Unfortunately, erosion and moisture saturation continues to weaken the external roof and internal ceiling. This is why it pays to know do home insurance cover leaks.

If left unattended, roof leaks will lead to serious and more exorbitantly expensive damages. If you don’t want to have huge financial commitments due to roof leaks and damages, an insurance policy will pay for it.

After reading this, you will:

  • Know when will insurance NOT pay for roof leaks, damages, and other roof-related maladies
  • Finding the right insurance policy to avoid huge repair and replacement costs
  • Handling emergency roof leak situations to minimize further roof damage

Personal Negligence

Do home insurance cover leaks? It is possible if the insurance statement coins it specifically. However, if you had never given any form of professional care for your roof, leaks and any roof damages will fail to trigger your policy.

Most insurance adjusters will ask for the frequency you conduct maintenance depending on your roofing material. For example, asphalt shingle roofs require more maintenance than metal roof systems.

If you never gave your asphalt shingle roof any form of maintenance service even once, the insurance company will deem negligence as the primary cause of leaks and damages.

The Age of Your Roof

If you ask any reputable roofing contractor in Calgary and the rest of the country, they’ll tell you the first week they finish installing your roof is the best time to get insurance.

Do home insurance cover leaks and damages even after the first week? Yes they do, and they will cost less too. The older your roof, the higher insurance premium you will need to pay regularly.

Unfortunately, some Calgary insurance coverage sets limitations on roof age. Therefore, the best way to know whether your insurance covers your roof leaks is to review your insurance terms and list down its most important points.

an asphalt roof damaged by hailstones

Hailstorms followed by a severe rainstorm will definitely cause leaks inside your home.*

Manufacturer-Licensed Contractors

Insurers and manufacturer warranties work in the same way. Some insurers work with Calgary contractors and manufacturers to have a streamlined framework regarding roofing leaks, damages, and other maladies.

In most cases, roof leaks and damages trigger warranties as long as a licensed contractor installed them. Manufacturers have a prescribed installation procedure that roofs under warranty must adhere.

Do home insurance cover leaks even if unlicensed contractors install the roof? It is possible, but in frequent cases, the insurer will contact the roof manufacturer, check the latter’s list of licensed contractors, and assess whether the situation qualifies for benefits.

There is a high likelihood the insurer will not grant benefits if unlicensed contractors installed the roof. However, you may save money if your roof contractor offers warranties on labor.

How To Avoid Extra Costs Due to Roof Damage

Do home insurance cover leaks? If they don’t, then you’re in a world of financial trouble. Before any leaks due to heavy rainstorms start to happen in your Calgary home, make sure your policies will protect you from any unnecessary and expensive commitment.

Review Your Insurance Terms

If you have an existing insurance policy, review its terms and conditions. To make things simple, take note of the following details:

  • Roof Age Limit: See if there are age limits set for roof age.
  • Limitations on Funding: This determines whether the insurer will handle 100% or just part of the repair or replacement costs
  • Benefits: Do home insurance cover leaks? Check whether the policy provides 100% cost handling for leaks, major and minor roof damages, and other factors.
  • Adjuster Precept: Check whether the terms make it clear the insurance adjuster brings a contractor with them to check the roof

To add to the last point, it pays to have a trusted roofing contractor assess your roof. With more information from both yours and the adjuster’s contractors, you have an accurate picture of the damage your roof sustained.

a contractor fixing a residential shingle roof

Having your own contractor compare their post-investigation results with the adjuster’s contractor will show the full picture of your roofing condition.

Get a Refund Where Necessary

Upon your review, if the policy’s terms seems unsatisfying, then you can cash it out. Contact your insurer and tell them you are withdrawing and ending your policy.

In most cases, insurance will give you the cash equivalent of the policy. This value depends on the regular repayments you’ve made, the investment actions enabling the insurance company to grow your fund, and the amount of time it has undergone these cycles.

Read and Understand Every Aspect of Your New Insurance

You can choose to use your money to purchase a new home insurance that is satisfying to you or reinvest it somewhere else such as a roof repair or replacement procedure.

To make sure you have the proper insurance policy in check, read the insurance terms as you reviewed your previous policy. Avoid further hassles by making sure you will benefit from what you pay for.

Additionally, make sure you comply with the homeowner requirements on maintenance and other aspects of the policy as well.

Actionable Emergency Roof Leak Management

For the meantime, before the insurance adjusters and Calgary contractors send help for you, address immediate roof leak problems through the following steps

Move Things Out of the Way

Get your furniture away from leaking areas. Then, place them in well-ventilated rooms to help them dry up faster.

Cover Furniture and Appliances in Plastic

If you can’t move your furniture, use garbage bags or plastic sheets to keep them dry until help arrives.

Use Buckets to Contain Water

Contain all the possible water damage leaks can cause into your home. In addition, place buckets underneath the leak sources before your efforts to reduce pooled internal ceiling water.

Call a Reliable Contractor for Help

Lastly, follow-up on your trusted contractor if they’re arriving soon. Having professionals remedy your roofing problems is less costly than having to replace a section or the entire roofing system.

a clay tile roof under repair

If the weather is still extreme, it will take some time for contractors to help you.

Wrapping Up

Do home insurance cover leaks? It depends on your insurance contract, so make sure to read your insurance terms carefully. In addition, always have a roofing contractor ready to help you with repairs, replacement and any roofing service you may need.

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