Roof maintenance checklist — it’s one thing that proactive homeowners in Calgary AB want to get their hands on. While some people would love to care for their roofs, they don’t know the ways to do it. If you want to take a more responsible approach this year, it’s not too late. That is why today, No Payne Roofing shares this simple guide with you.

Here, we address the following aspects of roof maintenance:

  • Why roofing maintenance is important
  • Practical maintenance tips to be found in your roofing checklist
  • When to call a roofing contractor for professional help

Read on.

The Importance of Roofing Maintenance

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our guide about the essence of maintaining your roof. Seriously, why should you invest time and effort to do it? Here are some obvious and less obvious reasons.

1. Care for your roof and it will protect you

Yes! Your roof is one of your biggest investments. As a huge investment, it protects you from the elements — sun, wind, rain, and storms. Obviously, a lack of roofing maintenance puts your roof at risk for early deterioration. If that happens, it can no longer protect you like it used to.

2. Maximize your roof’s service life

family holding cardboard roof over their head

We all want our roof to last longer, don’t we? This is why a roof maintenance checklist is essential.

Every roof is expected to last a number of years. How often you should replace the roof depends on its average service life. For example, asphalt shingles last up to 30 years while metal roofs last 50 years or more. As you would guess, a poorly maintained roof won’t be able to reach its expected lifespan. Perhaps by the 20-year mark, it already shows several signs of damage.

3. Increase property value

Follow a residential roof maintenance checklist and you’ll thank us by the time you sell your house in the future. That is, of course, if you’ll sell your house. A roof that’s free from issues appeals to many home buyers. Nobody wants to live in a home with a dilapidated roof. Home buyers get discouraged by the thought of having to pay for repairs and possibly, a replacement!

Roof Maintenance Checklist (5 Simple Tips to Follow)

Does roof maintenance have to be hard? No, it shouldn’t. Of course, there are certain tasks that only a roofing contractor can do. But because you see your roof every single day, simple maintenance starts with you. Follow these pieces of advice.

1. Clean your gutters.

Over time, gutters accumulate leaves and other debris. These tiny objects prevent rainwater from flowing freely. Dirty gutters cause a multitude of issues. These range from sagging gutters to foundation damage to roof moisture-related problems.

If you choose to clean the gutters by yourself, be sure to use a stable ladder. Prepare all your gutter cleaning materials such as a gutter scoop, hose, and gloves. Tired of the idea of regular gutter cleaning? Consider gutter guards instead.

2. Trim branches that hang over your roof.

You might think that overhanging branches don’t do any harm but they do. They’re certainly not harmless, especially if these branches are old and huge.

In the event of stormy weather, the branches break and fall to your roof. During windy days, the edges of the branches scratch your roof’s surface and dislodge the shingle granules. A lot of things can happen when untrimmed trees surround your house.

3. Repair roof damage — no matter how small it is!

several tools on top of roof deck

No matter how small a roofing issue is, a timely repair will prevent it from growing.

Here’s one tip you shouldn’t miss in this roof preventative maintenance checklist: early repairs. Any type of roof damage starts as a small issue. Eventually, this problem grows until it becomes difficult to ignore. The problem is that most homeowners don’t realize that their roof is calling for help because they don’t get regular inspections.

To repair minor roof damage, start by inspecting the roof. Look for water stains on your ceiling or walls. They indicate a leak. Pay attention to your energy bills — are they unusually high? Lastly, call a professional roofing contractor if you suspect problems. Costly repairs can be prevented if you remedy issues while they’re little.

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4. Remove moss when you see it.

To some people, plant growth on the roof looks attractive. You should be alarmed if you notice green stuff thriving on your asphalt shingles. We’re talking about moss. Moss spells trouble. For one, it harbors water like a sponge.

Water accumulates and stays on the roof for a long time, causing the material to weaken. Moss usually thrives in roof areas that get little sunlight. To get rid of moss, scrub it off using a commercial or DIY cleanser. And like we mentioned earlier, trim overhanging branches so that your roof stays dry.

5. Inspect roof flashings

Roof flashings are weak areas for when they get detached or damaged, they allow water to enter your home. So, watch out for that strip of metal. Make sure that it’s not loose. If it is, apply new sealant or have a roofing contractor fix it for you.

Call a Roofing Contractor If You Notice the Following

Hopefully, you’ll be able to closely follow the roof maintenance checklist we just showed you. Again, you don’t have to do everything yourself! Hire a professional roofer if maintenance involves going up the roof or doing complex work.

When should you usually contact a professional? The answer is when your roof shows signs of damage. Here are some of them:

Moisture stains on the ceiling and walls

  • Peeling paint
  • Bruising, missing, curling, and cracked shingles
  • Sagging roof lines

Also, never hesitate to call a roofer when a storm has passed. It’s safe to assume that your roof sustained some damage during bad weather.

Here’s a roof inspection checklist you should look into.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you learned from our roof maintenance checklist. Remember that without roof maintenance, you suffer early damage and expect a roof replacement sooner. As much as possible, you want to maximize roofing lifespan. That’s the way you save money and enjoy peace of mind.

Here at No Payne Roofing, we provide the best and most affordable roofing maintenance in Calgary AB. We help you meet your need for a sound roof for many years to come. We’ll sit down with you and discuss a solid roof maintenance program. Learn more and get a quote by calling us at 587 600 9018.