A new roof is a very big investment and it is something that you do probably once or twice throughout lifetime. Due to this you must ensure that it is done right. But the hard thing is choosing the right roofers in Calgary. Even after you have chosen the right materials, you still need the right roofer who can provide you the right service. Also, he will be able to provide quality roof that would last for a decade. So, if you are willing to hire the right roofer, ensure you get proper estimates. But before that here are some questions to ask.

Who would do the job?

This is a very important question that you must ask. Since all established roofers have a team, ask if they would provide the service themselves or send someone else. Reputable and exceptionally-trained roofers in Calgary AB have contact person in charge of the job site so you can ask all questions to them. The person hired understands the ins and outs of the roofing project and would be ready to answer the questions. Good roofers assign proper person for the task so you know who’s in charge. In simple words, there is a team of professionals working and not just one professional.

Do they offer warranty?

Most of the roofers in Calgary offer warranty on their services. In fact, some of the professionals go on to offering 25 years of warranty. But that entirely depends on the company you have chosen and the material you have used. But if you are looking for a good service ensure you get a warranty of at least 25 years or more. Some of the roofers offer additional warranty on the labor.

Do they offer homeowner’s reference?

Reputable roofers tend to numerous projects each year. Most of the good ones won’t even mind if you check their ongoing projects to see how they have worked. If you are looking for roof installation or roof replacement ensure the roofer provides you details of his previous clients. You can talk to them about the service and product quality accordingly. Also, any roofers who refuse to share customer details isn’t a good choice at all. Remember all roofers would be proud of to show off their work and won’t hesitate to share the contact details.

How long will it take?

It is never desirable to have people working on the roof hammering in the wee hours. So, it is better to prepare by asking how long the roofers would take to finish the task. If you are meeting up several roofers, see how much time they would take. Choose the roofer who would offer you service as per your convenience. Also, notice how many jobs they have in hand since time discrepancies will be there.