Roof problems and solutions are consistent in any home, which is why the consistency and quality of service professional and highly-trained Calgary AB roofers must always remain on the level or above the norm. In fact, many of the most common roof problems and solutions continue to increase its severity, which makes it important that roofers can service them quickly and efficiently.

GAF published its list of common roofing problems for commercial properties (which greatly parallel that of residential properties) in 2015. However, we still see many of these problems nowadays. If you take a look at the list below, we think you’ll agree with us.

10 Most Common Roof Problems and Solutions

Problem #1: Roof leaks. With any type of roof, if it is leaking then you have a problem.

Solution: A proactive preventative maintenance program can eliminate or reduce building interior water intrusion.

Problem #2: Blow-offs, tenting, or billowing. This occurs if the roof is not adhered properly to the substrate. Single-ply roofs are at risk for blow-off and billowing.

Solution: Ask your roofing contractor to provide the proper specification or building code for your area when installing a new roof.

Problem #3: Poor installation or workmanship. A faulty installation increases the likelihood of problems and reduces a roof system’s life expectancy. Workmanship tends to be one of the more common problems or reasons for problems down the road.

Solution: Ask your contractor for a checklist specific to the roof system that should be used for information-gathering (data-collecting) and reporting. Also ask about moisture surveys. Roofs with insulation should be surveyed prior to being overlayed via non-destructive methods. Have your contractor provide a written inspection report, complete with digital photos. Clear details on any structural changes or modifications to the roof surface should also be provided to you. (Continued)

During summer and winter, one of the most common yet greatly severe roof problems and solutions in Calgary AB is water damage. Roof leaks infiltrating the material will saturate and cause water damage on roof decks. With damaged and missing shingles all over, your roof deck can turn dark and rot faster than it can dry.

Is it preventable? As part of a list of common roof problems and solutions, we can confidently say that yes, it is. Modernize has a great post on how to contain roof leaks and prevent further water damage from your roof below.

Roof Problems and Solutions: How to Resolve Water Damage Fast

Replace Missing Shingles as Soon as Possible

Your roof has shingles for a reason. Cracked, bent, and missing shingles all provide an opportunity for leaks. You might see this manifested as shingle debris in your yard, driveway, or downspout splash blocks. Or you might notice off-colored patches on your roof.

If you know a little bit about home repair, and feel comfortable walking on your roof, you should be able to repair a missing shingle by yourself. A cracked shingle can be repaired using a little bit of roof sealant squeezed into the opening. However, if part of the shingle is missing, you’ll need to use a hammer to remove the nails, and then a pry bar to pull up the shingle itself. Then take a utility knife and cut the shingle free. Slip the new shingle into place, and the nail it down with four fasteners. Sounds too complicated? A roofing professional will be happy to make the repair for you.

Fix Ponding Surfaces Immediately

If you notice pools of water standing on your roof after it rains, you could have a big problem on your hands shortly. Ponding, as this circumstance is known to roofers, leaves you vulnerable to rot, which in turn can cause all kinds of issues, including leaks. Flat and low-sloped roofs are obviously more prone to this problem than steeply-pitched surfaces—but it can happen anywhere.

If you see ponding on your roof, call a roofing company as soon as you can. They’ll likely have to replace your roof and decking, but it’s better than having to replace any number of water-damaged possessions after a roof leak! (Continued)

Water damage containment is an example of an emergency roof repair. Many roof problems and solutions require the most alert and capable homeowners to conduct a simple repair to avoid further damage to their roof. However, roof leaks aren’t the only problems roofs face. In fact, you’ll need to inspect your gutters, soffits, fascias, and other parts and structures on the roof.

Therefore, general knowledge of efficient emergency roof repair is essential in resolving many roof problems and solutions. Ferreira Roofing has an excellent guide to help even the most uninitiated homeowners to perform emergency roof repairs. Learn more below.

What to do About an Emergency Roof Repair in Massachusetts

While preventing tornadoes, strong snow storms and ice damages are impossible, it is possible to prevent most emergency roof repairs by following these basic tips. When emergency roofing repairs strike your Taunton, Massachusetts home or business, don’t wait for more serious problems to take place. Once water has been allowed to enter your structure, in less than 36 hours, dangerous black mold can form. Black mold has been well known to cause serious respiratory problems and illness in extreme cases. Don’t put your family at risk; prevent roof leaks before they happen.

Do I Need an Emergency Roof Repair?

Whether you have a minor roof leak or buckets of water coming in, you’ll need to have your repair made as soon as possible. In some cases, roofing contractors will cover your roof with a tarp to temporarily halt water intrusion until the problem can be dealt with effectively. Never wait to repair roofing leak damages until you find the time. Call Ferreira Co., right now and have your roof leak repaired today.

Keep an Eye Out for Troubles

Many roofing problems can be spotted from the safety of the ground. Here at Ferreira Roofing, we recommend that you check your roof for damages as frequently as every other month and after heavy storms. We also recommend that you have a complete roofing inspection performed by a licensed and insured roofing repair expert at least once a year. By using these methods, you can easily prevent emergency roof repairs caused my improper maintenance and neglect. (Continued)

The biggest roof problems require the best solutions possible. It is for this reason that Calgary AB roofers must continue to improve their skills and guarantee exceptional service all the time. If you have yet to find a good local roofer, you can contact No Payne Roofing for excellent and reliable services. Learn more by calling us today!