They’re deemed one of the better upgrades if you’ve come from asphalt shingle roofs. True enough architectural shingles are great roofing material. They have double the density of asphalt shingles, still organic, and have their respectively beautiful curb appeal. Furthermore, is architectural roof shingles life expectancy longer than its mainstream sibling?

The Truth

The truth is, architectural shingle roofs have almost the same lifespan as asphalt shingle roofs. Even if they have an upgraded density, architectural roof shingles life expectancy is still the same regardless. So, why should you still consider using them for your Calgary AB home?

A typical architectural roof shingle can last for 15-25 years, which is roughly the same amount of lifespan as asphalt shingles. Premium architectural roof shingles can last way longer at 20-30 years. However, Roofing Calculator states it “depends on the environment.” Here’s their dedicated section to these two types of roofing shingles below.

Architectural aka Dimensional Shingles are thicker and hence more durable and longer-lasting than their entry-level counterparts, three tab shingles. Most architectural shingle roofs will last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, depending on their environment.

Maximum wind uplift for most architectural shingle products is 110 MPH. With a special installation method and roof-frame bracing, the wind uplift rating can be increased to 130 MPH.

Premium Shingles are normally fancier-looking asphalt shingles designed for premium homes. A premium shingle is normally thicker and will last longer than a mid-range architectural shingle. Expected lifespan of a premium shingle roof is anywhere from 20 to 30 years, depending on the environment.

Wind uplift ratings for premium shingles are similar to architectural shingles. Premium shingles can also include special properties such as enhanced solar reflectance aka CoolRoof rating and impact resistance for hail prone areas. (Source)

Life-Shortening Aspects Against Architectural Shingles

It’s easy to make a decision based off architectural roof shingles life expectancy. However, it’s important to consider the factors that make this possible. Did you know that a regular roof maintenance routine by a trusted roofing company in Calgary AB can prolong the lifespan and capability of your roof?

It’s equally important to consider the climate conditions in your area. Rising temperatures that combine with cooler air in the evening have an effect even against architectural shingles. Orlando Group Roofing has an excellent post that details well-known issues on asphalt and architectural roofing that anyone planning to use them can read about.

The climate can have adverse effects on asphalt roofs, for instance. As the temperatures rise, extreme sunlight in combination with humidity can actually cause the shingle adhesive to melt. This degrades the asphalt material itself. If the adhesive breaks down, moisture can seep into the attic space as a result. As the asphalt breaks down, the protective mineral granules can be lost. Without these granules, the asphalt shingle will not last long in a hot climate, and, if the roof is directly exposed to sunlight, the shingles will degrade even faster.

Most asphalt roofs are dark in color. Dark colored roofs absorb more heat than roofs that are lighter in color. This can contribute to a quick overall degradation of the shingle.

Dark colored roofs may require more maintenance throughout their lifespan and may be more likely to receive damage.

The roof pitch can also influence how long the roof may last. Roofs that have a steeper pitch shed water more easily, thereby lasting longer. The downside is that steeper roofs need more materials and can cost quite a bit to install due to the danger.

There is one more thing that you’re in complete control of when you’re purchasing and planning to use architectural roof shingles: your roofing contractor. As with all roofing materials, a proper installation helps prolong the lifespan and integrity of any roofing material.

In addition, architectural roof shingles life expectancy is sure to improve in no time. If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, allow us at No Payne Roofing to help you with our decades of experience and proven knowledge and experience. Contact us today!