From our obsession with hockey to our overuse of the phrase “sorry,” a few things set Canadians apart. Did you know that roofs are one of them? No, they are not made of beaver fur or carved out of an igloo, but there are certain things Canadians need to consider when it comes to their roofing needs.

There may be a few exceptions to the rule (looking at you, Vancouver & Victoria), but as a rule – Canada is cold. With cold weather comes unique challenges in the roofing industry, and special attention must be given to roof performance under winter conditions.

Many roofs are designed with warmer climates in mind and cater to people living in these areas. This poses a big problem because these roofs can cause both condensation and mould issues. It is important when seeking advice, especially online, that you are using a resource that is specific to where you live.

Another factor that Canadian roofing companies have to take into account is ice. There is a specific design required to accommodate ice build-up, and an underlay (such as a dam underlay) is crucial. An underlay acts as an ice and water protector and is a waterproof roof underlayment membrane that protects vulnerable areas of the roof from both water and ice damage. An ice and water protector should always be installed before other underlayments, and if installing around chimneys or other roof features, it should be placed below the flashing. Icicles forming on the roof of a residential property

Because of the extra ice and water protection required by Canadian roofs, it is also important to consider proper attic ventilation. Correct ventilation helps prevent moisture from building up in your attic, helping prevent future condensation issues. Ideally, 50% of the attic ventilation openings should be continuous soffit vents, and the other 50% ridge, gable, or roof vents.

Next time someone tells you they are #ProudtoBeCanadian ask them about their roof! We are proud to be located in Calgary, where we understand what makes roofing in Canada different.

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