We honestly don’t care if you clean your shower, whether or not you empty your dishwasher or clean your bedroom, but we do care if you clean your roof (although you should probably do those other things too). Cleaning your roof is not just a good idea; it is necessary. Cleaning and maintaining it at least once a year will dramatically increase the longevity of your roof. Repairing any loose or missing shingles, clearing the roof free of debris and maintaining a routine gutter cleaning schedule are necessary parts of being a homeowner.

While we recommend roof cleaning once a year at the bare minimum, it is a good idea to inspect your roof regularly. Particularly if you live in a wooded area or have acidic trees surrounding your property, you want to pay special attention to your roof cleaning and consider doing it more than once a year. Acidic trees can be dogwood, beech, pin oak, willow oak and even magnolia trees. You always want to make sure that the tree branches are clear of the roof to prevent any rubbing or close contact. Cleaning out your eaves as well is vital for the drainage as debris can cause clogged downspouts and interrupted flow. We recommend making it a habit to get your eavestroughs cleaned in spring and at the end of summer.

Another thing to consider when deciding your roof cleaning schedule is the slope angle. If you have a low sloping roof, debris is much more likely to build up and you need to clean your roof more frequently. Although steeper roofs may require slightly less cleaning, as the debris has a better chance of falling off, it is still an important measure in ensuring the quality of your roof.

Ultimately if you neglect your roof, you may experience roof damage that can be costly to repair. A poorly maintained roof can result in water damage, mould and you may not notice any roof repairs that you may need until it’s too late for an inexpensive fix. Trust us when we say an annual cleaning and simple roof inspection will go a long way – you’ll thank us later!

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