It’s an interesting and genuinely engaging proposition: you can repair your roof yourself, and use your own skills and capabilities to repair your roof. If you ever finish it, it’s genuinely a great accomplishment. Trust us when we say we understand that feeling; whenever your professional Calgary AB roofer finishes a project within our client’s standards, we’re proud of what we can achieve. However, it took much time, effort and studying to achieve those results for our clients.

While everyone has a right to do DIY roofing, it isn’t for everyone. You have the right to try, but you’ll be faced with a great many obstacles.

Traversing heights on sloped footing is one of these obstacles. Even at two-storey heights, many homeowners find it nauseating and vertigo inducing to head to the roof of their property to perform inspections. Doing this is important — and you’ll be staying on your roof for longer to perform all necessary repairs. If heading up to your roof is difficult for you, then you can save more by working with professional and dependable Calgary AB roofers.

Next, all dependable roofers only use top-level equipment capable of achieving the quality and accuracy roofing repairs and full-on replacements need. Unfortunately, roofing equipment — from the simplest to the most complex — can cost quite a fortune. Fact is, it might be more expensive than a regular roof repair, and you don’t have any professional guarantees the DIY repair or replacement will work for the best either.

LifeHack — one of the world’s most renowned DIY sites, recommend roofing contractors instead of following some of the best roofing instructions on their website. Read more about it below:

The experience

Depending on what field you are specialized in, you might have absolutely no knowledge of how roofing works, and what the best techniques are. Most roofing professionals spend hours upon hours working with other contractors, perfecting the skill before setting out in business on their own. They are licensed and know exactly how much material will be needed for your home. Those setting out to do this project for their own home have a tendency to either grossly over, or underestimate how much material will be needed.

No amount of research and studying will give you the same knowledge that experience can. You don’t want to make an experiment out of your home—get the roof replaced properly the first time to prevent further projects from being needed. By doing a poor job yourself, you will only be spending more money hiring somebody else to come take care of the mess you created.


Every day brings an unfortunate number of falling accidents; many resulting in extreme injury or even death. Do all you can to avoid these situations and be safe. When you are learning a new skill, most of your attention is dedicated to completing the task, not your surroundings. In some cases this is just fine, but when it comes to fixing the roof, this is downright dangerous. If you do choose to take on this task, be sure you have somebody there working beside you, to ensure you are safe throughout the entire process. (Continued)

Always work with roofing professionals that local property owners and homeowners have trusted for generations. If you have yet to find one, you can count on No Payne Roofing to resolve all your roofing problems in no time. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.