We get it. You’ve seen Holmes on Holmes. You have a generous neighbour with some tools and you may be even doing that one successful kitchen renovation back in 98. We know you are capable, we know you are competent, home renovations and DIY projects might even be your thing, but please do not attempt your own roofing! Our expert team has years and years of cumulative experience and training under our (tool) belts and we have seen it all. Before deciding to cut corners or not, seek professional help. Please consider all these things and don’t forget that we offer free estimates for your peace of mind.

1) Doing it yourself can actually mean spending more. In our experience, DIY roofers grossly over or underestimate materials required, which means you will either be wasting materials or have to spend more money than planned.


2) Scope of work. If you’re not an experienced roofer, you may not fully understand the necessary work that needs to be done. Perhaps you think the whole roof needs to be replaced, but a professional may be able to come in and make minimal repairs and save you some money!

3) Risk of Injury. Chances are you know someone who has fallen off a roof or at the very least, a ladder. If you are not properly trained, roofing can be extremely dangerous. All of our roofing professionals are trained to use proper fall gear, check for roof stability and know how to work in all weather conditions. Even poor ladder placement or a lack of edge awareness can send you tumbling and can result in serious injury. This is definitely something you want to leave to the professionals!

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4) Adequate Materials. Asphalt, classic, cedar, slate – do you know what materials to use and what shingles will be best for your roof? What about your weather conditions? Have you selected materials that can survive Albertas harsh climate? We only use the highest quality materials and can assess your roof to determine the longest-lasting and highest-rated materials that your budget allows. Warranty and satisfaction are guaranteed with our services and we are able to recommend the best type of roof with the proper warranty to make sure you are covered. Lower quality shingles can result in leaking, water damage and mold.


5) Further Assessment. Professional roofers can also help assess what other work needs to be done and can do it all at the same time to save you money. When re-roofing, you can save money by replacing eaves and valley flashing at the same time. Roofers can assess if there is any rotted plywood under your decking and can even inspect the attic ventilation. Professional roofers can also replace roof jacks, assess pipe boots, inspect vents, solve slope issues, clear roof debris, assess skylights and chimneys, all to save you future headaches and give you peace of mind.

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At No Payne Roofing we believe in integrity and transparency, meaning our contracts are always straightforward and dependable. We are fully insured and licensed and can offer written guarantees. We stand behind our superior roofs!


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