Numerous do-it-yourself roofing projects on the internet make many homeowners curious. Truthfully, many homeowners are planning to perform DIY repairs because their roof is in a poor state. Due to isolation protocols, it’s impossible to invite a roofer for maintenance and inspection purposes when you need them. However, as dependable Calgary AB roofers, we highly advise against DIY roofing

Roofers have undergone extensive training and decades of experience to perfect their roofing methods. Additionally, they’ve undergone physical conditioning, which allows them to traverse roofs carefully. DIY homeowners might find it challenging to traverse their ceilings without damaging their roofing materials. This lack of training can lead to both ruined roof materials and physical injuries to homeowners due to possible trips and falls.

Furthermore, roofing companies can only honor warranties if the homeowners do not tamper with the materials in any way — and this includes DIY work. DIY work involves prying off old roofing shingles, tiles, or metal roof seams then replacing them. Therefore, this means the homeowner tampered with the licensed and certified roofer’s installation, which afforded the homeowner their warranty in the first place.

Roofworks has a great post about why you shouldn’t go forward with your DIY roofing plans. We agree with their points, and we will advise using special roofing tarps to secure roofs during storms. Read more about it below.

Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Rather than Attempting DIY Roofing


A professional contractor has both the knowledge and the experience necessary when it comes to risky maintenance tasks. They are well-trained, allowing them to perform a new roofing installation that will last, which lowers the risk of potential problems like storm damage and regular wear and tear.


You do not want to put yourself in a situation that could cause harm to you or those living in your home. Besides the risk of personal injury, you may also fail to properly perform the task at hand, leading to the possibility of a roof collapse or conditions that breed mold and provoke infestation.


A team of experts will be able to complete a new roofing installation in a much shorter time span than an amateur can. Don’t waste your time. Hire an experienced contractor.


Yes, hiring a professional to install a roof may cost more upfront. A company will typically charge between $2,000 and $8,500 for a standard roof with a square footage between 2,200 and 2,600 feet roof while you could initially do it yourself for between $1,000 and $4,000. However, a shoddy roof job will cost you more in the long run, particularly if you need to have it repaired more often. (Continued)

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