It’s one of the most common misconceptions about home refurbishing, renovation, remodelling, or how you might want to call it. Many homeowners think that replacing their aged asphalt shingle roof with a fancy clay tile or metal roof is enough to improve their property’s overall value. In a sense, they’re correct — but their objective is to profit highly above their investment is when it becomes problematic.

A new roof is not a want but a need for many homeowners. As professional Calgary AB roofers with decades of experience working with local neighborhoods, we can say that all property owners need is a long-lasting roof. Therefore, a brand-new roof replacement does increase value perception of properties. However, it’s something homebuyers of flipped properties expect to have.

If your property is in a neighborhood with not-so-good real estate standing (which is rare in Calgary), then it’s possible to have a better standing than the rest of your property’s peers.

One of the reasons why it will increase in value is because it will stand out. A new roof will make it look like contractors just finished building it. Second, it will have better protection against the elements. And third, any homebuyer in need of a new home before winter will want the best one in the neighborhood no matter the cost.

However, much risk involves itself if you’re going to depend on your neighborhood having poor properties if you compare them right after you replace your roof. Home Advisor has a great list of other parts of your property you’ll need to improve to increase market value and appraisal.

1. Increase Light and Space

Dark, cramped rooms are no good when it comes to real estate. One thing that homeowners can do to increase the appeal of their property is open up the house to create more of a flow and enhance natural light. Consider knocking down some walls to brighten up a space. An open floor plan will also make a home feel much larger and is better for entertaining. Perhaps you’ve wanted to do this for years, but worried about the cost. It’s time to answer the question, how much does it cost to knock down a wall?

Vaulted ceilings are another idea that can help create the illusion of more space. Skylights can help flood your home in natural light. There are several options when it comes to brightening up your home with natural light and these options have a range of prices.

2. Landscape & Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your home is incredibly important when it comes time to sell. The first impression of a home that someone will have is from the look of the exterior. It is said that a good first impression of a home can add five percent to its value. Make sure your exterior paint and details are up to par. The driveway should be paved properly, and any lawn space should be properly maintained. Consider drought tolerant plants if you are not great at gardening. If you have a deck, add some nice furniture, or create a colorful garden in some extra space.

3. Create a Home Office

With more companies giving employees the option to telecommute, a home office can really add some value to a home. If you have some extra space in your home, consider converting it into a home office. Make sure there is plenty of work space, and remember to have grounded outlets installed as well as data ports and possibly an extra phone line. (Continued)

Lastly, make sure you work with dependable roofers from Calgary AB for all your roofing installation, repair, and replacement needs. No Payne Roofing has decades of experience providing top-quality roofing solutions for all our clients. Contact us today!