You’d definitely expect the best Calgary AB roofers to have seen all kinds of roofs and performed all kinds of services to prolong and ensure their lifespan and longevity. While we will always recommend roof maintenance as a viable long-term roofing service for improving your roof’s lifespan, a simple roof cleaning — with a broom and brush — can actually prolong your roof’s lifespan on its own. And it won’t even cost you a cent and just a portion of your weekend too.

Curb Appeal

Clearly, cleaning your roof of moss, debris, twigs, and other unsightly items improves the curb appeal of your roof. Even if you’re not trying to sell your home or increase its value, improved curb appeal helps you feel more comfortable and encouraged to maintain the quality of roof you have. If you pair cleaning with roofing maintenance services from reputable Calgary AB roofers, then you’ve a formula for long-term roofing success.

Improved Lifespan and Durability

Roof cleaning is similar to inspections. Firstly, roofers will clean your roof to reveal possible flaws and problems requiring immediate resolution. Next, some will use advanced technology such as thermal detectors and water hose tests to reveal possible micro leaks and problems that can evolve into bigger problems over time. Then, they’ll perform preventative roofing maintenance to improve your roof’s lifespan and durability.

Less Need for Repairs

With a well-cleaned and maintained roof, you’ll have minimal need for possible roofing repairs in the future. While preventative maintenance still helps, roof cleaning removes all possible growth on your asphalt shingles and clay tiles that can compromise its integrity and capability to delivter exceptional performance and long-term protective capability.

If you’re wondering what’s the proper way to clean your roof, Tadlock Roofing has a great method that can help you. Check it out below:

There are several available options for removing algae from your roof, including pressure washing or soft washing with detergents, including bleach, but these “solutions” can cause premature aging and additional damage to your roof. The pressure from the wash can loosen the protective granules on your shingles, and harsh detergents in soft washes can break down shingles, discolor wood shake and tile and accelerate corrosion on metal roofing systems. After soft washing, runoff can accelerate corrosion of metal gutter and downspout systems and harm plant life.

While these cleaning methods may appear to remove the algae growth from your roof, they don’t do much to prevent the algae from returning. When the algae inevitably return, so does the cycle of repeatedly washing your roof, which can really start to cause damage.

A much better alternative to this cycle is to use an algaecide or fungicide approved for use on roofs, such as Roof-A-Cide. A light spray of the algaecide not only kills the algae on your roof, but is guaranteed to prevent it from returning for at least two years. Though there are other algaecides commercially available, Roof-A-Cide is the only roof cleaning and stain prevention product approved by the EPA and every major roofing manufacturer to remove and prevent algae growth. Roof-A-Cide offers several cleaning solutions that are both chlorine- and caustic-free, which can be used to clean a roof safely and effectively without risking damage to the roof or the surrounding property. (Continued)

Always remember to have the help of a reliable Calgary AB roofer to help with roof cleaning and maintenance. We’ve been servicing countless homes and properties across Alberta and its surrounding areas. We guarantee only the best results for all your needs. Contact us today!