The air is getting (slightly) warmer here in Calgary, so this is a friendly reminder that it is time for some spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is not just for vacuuming the carpets and cleaning out the cupboards, it is also a great opportunity to check on your shingles.

Once the snow melts, do a visual inspection of your roof to look for missing shingles and ensure your eaves are in good shape. Make sure that all of the eavestroughs are free of debris and firmly attached with no clogged downspouts.

You should increase the frequency of emptying and performing general maintenance of your eaves as the house ages. You should also hire a professional to check the caulking of your house every three years or so.

While you are completing your roof inspection, it is also a good idea to go into the attic and take a look at the interior. Check that all of your vents are still in place and note if there is any wetness on the underside of the roof. Any sign of dampness indicates that there is a leak and will result in water damage and mould if left unrepaired. Check that there is no light coming into the attic through the roof, which would indicate that you have a hole in your ceiling. Ensure there are no mould spores on the ceiling or anywhere in the attic space and make sure there is no smell of mildew.

A person cleaning the gutter from accumulated dirtTrim your trees, clear your gutters, but always think about safety first. Unless you are professionally trained with a proper safety harness, avoid any unnecessary risk posed by being on the roof. This is particularly important if you have a very steep roof—the newer your roof, the less maintenance it will typically require. If your roof is older, be sure to consult a professional to provide regular maintenance to increase its lifespan.



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