Cleaning helps steel and metal avoid rusting. Corrosion is possible when dust and soot stay on steel too long. In addition, it absorbs moisture from the air, which accelerates the process. With this principle in mind, cleaning will reduce the possible damage resulting from absorbed moisture. True enough, this idea will work the same way with any kind of roofing material, even asphalt shingles and clay tiles.

Roof cleaning plays a major role in improving the lifespan and durability of roofing materials. Asphalt shingle roofs and clay tiles — which have organic materials — are often subject to the growth of moss, fungi, and other organisms. These can create habitats and derive nourishment from your roofing materials. In turn, it will accelerate the degradation and eventual weakening and destruction of your roof.

Roof cleaning allows you to see the overall condition of your roof as well. In addition to clearing away algae, bird droppings, twigs, and gunk and water from your gutter systems, you can spot whether potential leak areas are threatening to make its way into your property. You can then prepare by calling your trusty Calgary AB roofer to perform an in-depth inspection and repair whenever possible.

Unfortunately, a thorough, life-preserving roof cleaning isn’t possible through DIY. You cannot use pressure wash because it will destroy your asphalt shingles or clay tiles. While it’s useful for metal roofs, it’s ill-advisable if you are using other organic or non-metal based roofing materials

Angie’s List has an in-depth explanation on how organisms and organic matter can degrade and affect your roof’s overall performance.

Lastly, I am quite convinced as a cleaning contractor who has had the opportunity to observe hundreds of homes that clean roofs — as well as paint, wood and about everything else — last longer.

Why do I believe this?

Because algae, fungus, mold, and lichen are decomposers. Their job in nature is to break down those fallen branches and trees into usable soil.

I have seen algae that had been left unchecked for years eat the paint off of walls, I have seen it break down shingles and I have seen it serve as the soil on to which a small tree grew right off of a roof. (I even took the picture!)

On the other hand, I have seen shingles placed near a galvanized flashing where the flashing leaches zinc, a natural fungus killer (think zinc oxide for your itchy toes), and the shingles that were kept clean were in perfect condition, while everywhere else completely decomposed. I have also heard of 20-year-old shingle roofs cleaned regularly that still look new.

Your roof will not last half of the warranty you are provided if you don’t keep it clean of decomposing microorganisms! Your manufacturer knows this, your insurance provider knows this and now you do as well. However, the service life of your roof can meet and even exceed the warranty claims with a properly installed system, a little avoidance of major catastrophes (like hurricane Charlie) and a professional cleaning.

If you want to double the service life of your costly roof you need to keep it properly cleaned. (Continued)

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