Your roof makes up the fifth protective barrier of your property. In fact, it faces the biggest hazards your property will ever face such as torrential rain, strong winds, and snowstorms. Therefore, it makes sense to always check up on its surface condition on a regular basis. However, aside from your roof’s surface, the integrity of its structure is just as important as well.

Roofing materials such as clay and slate tiles and metal roofs can withstand surface problems quite efficiently. However, if the roof decking, joists, and other structural support components malfunction, it can drastically shorten the lifespan of your home and imperil the entire property’s lifespan too.

Will your home need them the following year? Absolutely, but you’ll need to work with exceptional and greatly-experienced roofing professionals in Calgary AB to ensure fully accurate inspections and proper maintenance.

What Does Roof Structural Integrity Inspections Involve?

While TUV Rheinland names this as their Industrial Hall Roof Safety inspections, the principle is still the same. Structural roof inspections involve an in-depth look into the structural supports making up the entire roofing structure. Here is a list of everything involved in the process.

Our Services for Industrial Hall Roof Safety

Our staff inspects and prepares comprehensive expert reports on your industrial hall roofs. Our services include:

  • Expert appraisal of the construction

  • Evaluation of status

  • Material testing

  • Condition assessment

  • Consultation with the owner

  • Continuous electronic monitoring

  • Preparation of building specifications

  • Monetary assessment

  • Renovation concepts

  • Independent supervision of work (Source)

The Average Roof Inspection

Detailed and thorough roofing inspections and maintenance such as what we have listed above is also applicable for commercial properties. However, what if we were only to learn about roofing inspections for average residential properties in Calgary AB?

Kingdom Roofing has a great list of what you can expect from an average, home-oriented roof structure inspections. Read more about them below.

What To Expect During Roofing Inspections

Your roof will keep you safe and dry for decades, as long as it is well-maintained. In order to keep your roof in its best possible condition, experts recommend that you schedule an annual roof inspection.

A yearly inspection will allow you to identify any small issues before they become large problems, and keep your home protected for years to come.

Professional roofing contractors not only install new roofs, but will be able to perform inspections and necessary  roofing repairs as well.

What Does a Roof Inspection Entail?

Walk-Around: Your roofing contractor will most likely begin by doing a walkaround of the property from the ground. He will be able to see worn areas, dry rot, drainage patterns, or any damage to soffits, roof eaves or more. To the trained eye of a professional, damage can often be spotted from this angle.

Visual Inspection: The roofing professional will next look at the home from the vantage point of a ladder positioned around the roof. Different roofing materials will allow for closer inspection. For instance, your inspector may walk along an asphalt shingle roof, but will only walk on a tile roof if necessary. (as tiles can more easily crack or break.) (Read More)

When Do You Need Structural Inspections?

Most homeowners only need surface inspections and maintenance every two years. For homes below 10 years of age, it’s definitely more imperative to check the surface than the roof support structures.

However, if your home is beyond 10 years of age and has seen its share of water damage, then it’s imperative to have structural inspections every six months — which is at the same time you’re having surface inspections.

In doing so, dependable roofers can check your roof material’s condition while assessing whether your joists, roof decks, and other under-the-hood parts require any form of maintenance and repairs. Often, structural damage is irreversible, which makes it cost-effective to have structural maintenance services regularly. Remember, the five-digit amount you’ll spend on roof structure replacements can fund a structural maintenance service for 5-6 years.

If you have yet to find a reliable roofing contractor in Calgary AB, then you can count on us at No Payne Roofing for all your roofing inspections and maintenance needs. Just contact us today to learn more all about what we can do for you!