Calgary can get cold. Ideally, roofs would only require repair and replacement in the warm summer months, but life rarely turns out exactly the way we want it to (and often Mother Nature has other plans). Trapped between high elevation winds from the nearby mountains, humidity blowing in from the south and freezing Arctic winds coming down from the north, the only predictable thing about Calgary’s weather is that it’s entirely unpredictable. In a perfect world, we would be roofing in nothing but breezy warm temperatures, but if you’ve ever spent any time in southern Alberta, you know that this is just not the case. In fact, some summer days in Calgary can have temperatures drop below freezing, which is why our roofers are highly trained to operate in all weather conditions. Yes, we have roofed in -40°C temperatures and we are prepared for your emergency roofing needs, regardless of the temperature! Here are some of the unique challenges roofers face during the winter months.

Roofing requires certain dexterity with the fingers and wearing bulky gloves can make this difficult. A Scandinavian proverb says – “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Luckily, our roofers are Calgary residents and know how to dress for success (even in the coldest of temperatures) and use special winter gloves when they’re on the job.

If you were to try to attempt roofing repairs yourself during the winter months (something we strongly advise against), chances are you would end up damaging most of your material. There is a level of rigidity that occurs on roofing materials in frigid temperatures and you need to be trained to understand how to work with frozen components. Basic science also tells us that freezing temperatures cause the physical properties of any coatings, primers, adhesives, sealants and any liquid materials to change. Drying time is also affected, as many adhesives require heat to secure. We know how to keep our materials properly insulated right up until the moment of application to help balance the unusual viscosity.

The most obvious challenge when roofing in the winter is, of course, the danger. In the same way it can be difficult to drive in winter conditions or walk on a slippery sidewalk, the risk of accidents is much higher with winter roofing. This is due to ice formation, snow build up and even having less daylight to work with. This is why it’s imperative that you hire a roofing professional any time the temperatures drop below zero! We are specially trained to navigate through these conditions and have the liability insurance and warranty to back it up.

We are proud to be experts in our field and have mastered the art of roofing, regardless of the outside temperature or the whims of old-man winter. If you can’t wait until spring for necessary repairs, don’t worry, we are here for your roofing needs all year long!

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