All Calgary AB homeowners worked with a fixed budget on a monthly basis. Going beyond this figure can create unexpected money problems for many. However, some household needs require a good investment rather than a patch-up job. But, for the sake of spending for less, most homeowners will go for something practical yet inefficient such as seal roof repairs.

Roofing sealant isn’t a bad product. In fact, the item is efficient if experienced Calgary AB roofing contractors use them where they’re exactly needed and not just for the sake of spending less. In fact, Modernize makes it clear that professionals should apply seal roof repairs to guarantee its effectiveness.

Roof Sealants and Flat Roofs

If you have a flat roof on your home, you probably already know a little bit about waterproofing. Adding sealants on a flat-roofed home is absolutely necessary—flat roofs are designed kind of like big swimming pools with drainage systems that carry water off the surface and down onto the ground. For this reason, they need to be entirely sealed—even the tiniest crack can let water into your underlayment and, eventually, spring a leak in your home.

The right kind of sealant depends on what your roof is made out of. For instance, a metal roof coating might not be right for concrete, and vice versa. Although roof coatings are necessary for flat roofs, they’re much less popular for sloped roofs. However, there’s been a huge development in the types and intended purposes of coatings in the past 25 years, so the roofing industry is starting to see more pitched roofs get sealed. (Continued)

For commercial flat or low-slope roofs, silicone restoration membranes allow roofing contractors to repair flat roofs completely. Most contractors refer to them as spray-on roof coatings. However, it isn’t just arriving at a commercial property and applying the spray on roof coating without care — similar to how one might operate a snow machine.

Spray-on roofing is similar to seal roof repairs except roofing contractors conduct an in-depth roof inspection, provide reinforcement to areas that need it, and then spray the roofing solution on the roof. West Roofing Systems details the steps in this article.

What Are Spray-On Roof Coatings?

A Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) is a fluid applied silicone coating sprayed directly onto an existing roof system.

The process of installing a silicone restoration membrane is relatively straightforward.

  1. An infrared inspection is performed to see if there are any wet areas of insulation under the membrane.
  2. After any saturated areas have been removed and replaced, the entire roof surface is power washed clean to remove any contaminants.
  3. The seams of the membrane are then reinforced with a self-adhesive tape or mesh and coating.
  4. The silicone coating membrane is sprayed on or roller applied over the entire surface of the roof creating a seamless membrane.
  5. After the silicone coating membrane has been completed, a final inspection will be performed by a third-party or the manufacturer’s representative to verify all the necessary repairs were performed properly and the silicone is applied accurately. When the repairs and silicone membrane coating are approved, the warranty is issued. (Continued)

However, in some cases, your roof might be at its age limit. Therefore, it requires roof replacement rather than simple seal roof repairs. Then again, it’s a huge investment, which is why most Calgary AB homeowners will try to look for an alternative.

A good way to know if you need a roof replacement is to inspect areas Long Roofing highlights in its posts. In doing so, you can find out if you need to invest in a long-term roof replacement rather than on less-costly yet ineffective seal roof repairs.

6 signs you need a roof replacement

Now that you understand what goes into your roof, keep an eye out for these signs:

1. You have an old roof.

The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 12 to 15 years. Metal or tile roofs tend to have a longer lifespan. If your roof is nearing its typical replacement age, you should probably start thinking about your next roof.

If previous roof repairs were installed over the top of your existing roof — a practice known as overlaying — you should definitely think about a roof replacement. Overlaying is a quick fix that can hide bigger roofing issues beneath the shingle surface.

2. Curling or missing shingles are visible.

Your roof is exposed to elements like rain, snow, and sun, causing the components to wear down over time. This long-term beating from Mother Nature can result in broken, missing, buckling or curling shingles. Finding debris — or granules — from your shingles in your gutter system is a telltale sign of roof decay. Any missing parts of your roof makes your home vulnerable to the elements. (Continued)

Remember, all roofing services, whether sealant application, spray-on roof, or roof replacement, requires the help of experienced professionals. If you need roof replacement and have yet to find a dependable roofer to help you, you can count on No Payne Roofing. We have decades of experience with residential roof replacements. Contact us today and know more about what we can do for you!