If you have a shingle repair to make, this little trick will make it a lot easier. Remember if you act smart you get the best result, instantaneously.

You have possibly heard the saying: “the early bird gets the worm”. But you may not know that being an “early bird” will make shingles repairs in Calgary much easier. Let us explain…

Asphalt shingles have a temperature-sensitive tar band that seals them together. It helps to keep them from blowing off in soaring winds.

In the afternoon, when they are warm or hot, the tar strip is jammed fast. That makes them virtually impossible to get spaced out without tearing. But first thing in the morning, when the roof is still cool, the tar strip is to some extent brittle. At that time, you can take apart them with a plane pry bar, or paint scraper.

If you ever have to do shingles repairs in your Calgary residence on a hot afternoon, you can throw a towel drenched with ice water over the area for a few minutes. That typically lowers the temperature of the roofing enough to do the trick. Once they are popped loose, it is a simple matter of drawing out the roofing nails. Keep in mind that you also necessitate to eradicate the nails from the course unswervingly above the shingles you want to get rid of.

When finishing the repair, be attentive that the tar strip may not reseal effectively. That is not a big deal nonetheless; just spread some blinking cement over the old tar strip. That can be done with either a trowel or with a caulking firearm. It is also a fine idea to seal the old nail holes.

There is one admonition about doing a shingle repair first thing in the daybreak: The roof may still be wet and greasy from dew or an overnight rain, so be vigilant up there!

So, what are you waiting for? Be an early riser and apply this “early bird” trick to make the most of your roof shingles repairs in Calgary. In No Payne Roofing, we understand your roofing needs and ensure every customer about paramount roofing repair works. The good thing is that we also educate homeowners about the necessity of shingle repairs as a perfect roof can protect your HOME SWEET HOME for many years to come.

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