If you were in Calgary’s Northeast on June 13, 2020, you remember it well. All was calm until late afternoon when Mother Nature unleashed one of the most punishing hailstorms that southern Alberta has ever seen. At a cost of $1.2 billion, it was the fourth costliest natural disaster in Canada’s history and Albertans are unlikely to forget the massive cleanup that followed. After an event like this, how do you identify damage to your roof?

Over 70,000 homes were damaged during the storm and up to 30cm of hail piled up making it look more like mid-January than mid-June. Lightning also accompanied this storm making the scene seem apocalyptic. Many farmer’s crops, vehicles and windows were destroyed, but roofs and siding took the most serious impact from hailstones falling at speeds of 80-100km/h. Piles of hail formed beneath gutters and roofs where it became concentrated during the deluge. Photos from the hardest-hit areas showed the sheer scale of damage and it became clear that a massive cleanup and repair program would soon be implemented. Storms like this can quickly become deadly and if they occur, it is important to seek proper shelter immediately and it is for this reason that it is important to repair your roof after a disaster of this magnitude.

Besides the obvious visual indicators, how can you identify what part of your roof needs the most urgent attention? Before insurance companies consider paying for hail damage, they require an assessment by a professional contractor but you can also inspect yourself using the following steps:

  1. Always be extremely careful when on your roof and ensure that you are wearing a harness and fall protection.
  2. Check the shingles for missing asphalt and the ridge-cap on your roof, the most likely places to take a direct hit from large hailstones.
  3. Inspect the metal areas of your roof including vents, eaves troughs and flashing. The size of the dent will likely indicate the size of the hail.
  4. Search the shingles for cracking or soft bruising. If you notice that the shingle has flexed or caved, it is likely that this shingle took some damage.

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