Roofing Warranty Calgary

Warranty Guaranteed for Life with CertainTeed!

Unlike our competitors, who may only offer a 1 year, or possibly a 2 years warranty, we are here for the long haul, and will be with you to fix all roofing issues with a lifetime warranty on Certainteed installations. If you have any types of issues arising from our installation or roof shingles, you will get free and assured complementary service for a lifetime. Our roofing technicians are happy to help and negotiate the claim with the maker, as well as meet with company inspectors to certify that your warranty claim is handled utmost significance and priority.

SureStart PLUS Warranty Protection

CertainTeed offers the best long-term protection and extends it even further with the CertainTeed-exclusive SureStart PLUS, granting homeowners and business owners alike the peace of mind guaranteed by high-quality roofing products installed by trained craftsmen.

* Single-family detached houses only. Maximum of 25 years duration for all other structure types.
** Single-family detached houses only. Maximum of 30 years duration for all other structure types.
*** 25-year coverage for workmanship.

Flat Roofs: Maximum of 10 squares may be covered for up to 20 years depending on the specific CertainTeed Flintlastic self-adhered roof system involved (See CertainTeed Commercial Systems Specifications Manual).

Lifetime Limited Warranty Shingles3-STAR Protection4-STAR Protection5-STAR Protection
Coverage20 years50 years*50 years**
Materials & Labor
Tear Off
Workmanship ***
XT™25, XT™30 IR, and Patriot Shingles Coverage10 years20 years25 years
Full Transferability10 years12 years15 years

SureStart PLUS Investment Protection

Projected Replacement Cost of an Integrity Roof SystemValue Provided by a Typical Limited WarrantyValue Provided by SureStart PLUS 4-STAR Coverage
YearProjected CostAmount ProvidedAmount Provided