Unlike our competitors, who may only offer a 1 year, or possibly a 2 years warranty, we are here for the long haul, and will be with you to fix all roofing issues for about 10 years. If you have any types of issues arising from our installation or roof shingles, you will get free and assured complementary service for 10 long years. Our roofing technicians are happy to help and negotiate the claim with the maker, as well as meet with company inspectors to certify that your warranty claim is handled utmost significance and priority.


No Payne Roofing believes that by recycling shingles we are playing a fundamental role in conserving resources and tumbling the amount of greenhouse gases created in the production of new materials. We take every opportunity to focus on the role we can play in the wellbeing of our atmosphere.

The most commonly used roofing material is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are made of an organic or fiberglass mat inundated with asphalt and covered by a shell of mineral granules. Newer shingles normally are made with a fiberglass mat, while older shingles were often made with an organic (cellulose) matter. To prepare shingles for use in new products, the unrelated debris must be removed and then the shingles must be ground to a specific size. Because shingles contain asphalt, the most general recycling options involve entering them back into the processes that use asphalt, such as paving roads. No Payne works with ECCOpave, a Calgary based shingle recycling company, and we support companies that egg on and develop these recycling technologies.

At No Payne Roofing we are endlessly looking for new-fangled ways to trim down waste and help the environment. We ensure that your previous roofing items do not go into any of the Calgary landfills. One of our chief mandates is to create sustainability and liability in the roofing industry while diverting our roofing waste into recycling at every possible occasion.