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Roofing Repair Calgary | Beware of the re-roofed home

Roofing Repair Calgary

Roofing Repair Calgary | Taking the cheaper option when it comes to fixing your homes’ roof before selling your property can lead to negative and costly consequences.

Roofing Repair Calgary

Roofing Repair Calgary | Over the years No Payne Roofing has had many run-ins with home sellers that have had an unhealthy budget for ROOFING REPAIR CALGARY / fixing up a property. Not everybody is looking to invest into the house that they are trying to make a quick sale on. Home sellers and home buyers should beware before purchasing or selling a home that may reveal hidden problems with the homes’ roof.

Home buyers these days are well aware of sellers trying to cheap out on a big expense such  as a re-roof.  A home inspector will likely be checking. Nothing is more expensive than roofing your home twice in a short period of time. It only takes one big leak to cost you thousands of dollars. Or a ventilation oversight which could result in huge renovations going into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Sometimes what happens is the home-seller gets his/her neighbours’, Uncle’s, best friends’ roommate to fix the roof of the home prior to placing it on the market. Cheap alternatives to having a professionally done roof seem to be an option for many home sellers that are looking to sell their homes quickly. Where cheap materials are being used and are sloppily put together, you are bound to find additional problems.

Many times the home inspector that comes in to inspect the home isn’t a roofing expert. Which often means they aren’t qualified to discover if something is really wrong with the homes’ roof. Sometimes drones are used to go up and look at the roof instead of actually having qualified ROOFING REPAIR CALGARY experts on the roof thoroughly inspecting each of the roofs’ components.

Many people get away with selling these garbage roofs that end up having to get replaced years later or possibly even sooner after the home is purchased. Leaving the expenses up to the new home owners to pay.

We asked Perri Scarcelli, at Maxwell Capital Realty how often he sees homes that are listed on the market that have problems with their roof. Here is what Perri had to say:

 “One thing we have kind of seen in recent months, due to a hotter market here in Calgary are people that are trying to off-load properties that might have some issues because people are going in without inspections and that kind of stuff. Roofs are becoming more of a discussion point for sure. Simply because, some people might have taken cash pay-outs from the insurance and never replaced their roof, and there is value in replacing the roof. So when a buyer comes in and we find those issues and it’s an older roof, it is a spot that merits a discussion and maybe even a price correction.

When we are down on the ground on the front lawn looking at a roof we can’t really see it as well as we can when we are having a home inspection. Or having a licensed and reliable contractor, or professional like No Payne Roofing literally up on the     roof and looking at any deficiencies that might be there.  

You can also rely on a company like No Payne Roofing to give you an honest opinion about your roof because they are a company that is always busy and not necessarily searching for work.”  

Perri Scarcelli

from & Maxwell Capital Realty

Home sellers can even end up getting sued in court for not having the roof properly inspected. Which can often be a very lengthy and costly event for the home seller. It’s a lose-lose situation for everybody involved. In most cases, the home buyer can’t afford roofing repair Calgary cost because they thought that the homes’ roof was a new one to begin with, and ultimately ended up being a complete surprise expense. This is an unfortunate occurrence that can be avoided if you are willing to hire your own roofing inspection professional when considering a new home purchase.

The typical range of what a roof can cost these days is anywhere between $12,000 – $60,000. Which in some cases, can even exceed this.

Roofing Repair Calgary


Roofing Repair Calgary | One example of this is when a home seller contacted No Payne Roofing Roofing for a routine roofing inspection. Due to the amount of work and cost’s associated with properly fixing the roof the home seller decided to go with the “cheaper alternative” and did the fixes on the roof himself. Ultimately, the job wasn’t done right. No Payne Roofing was brought in a second time to assess the roof and the roof was leaking. When No Payne addressed the owner of the home and warned him the entire roof had to be completely redone or the seller could be looking at a lawsuit due to the condition that the roof was in. The home seller was insistent on selling the home as-is and the job never was completed by No Payne Roofing. It is not known if the home owner was ever taken to court over this, but home purchasers should beware, your new purchase needs to be inspected by a roofing professional. No Payne Roofing  provides roof inspections ranging anywhere from $145-$325, depending on varying factors. No Payne Roofing strongly advises against going the cheaper route when considering a Calgary Roofing Repair.

No Payne Roofing  is very clear when addressing these types of issues. No Payne would like home sellers to beware of the potentially heavy costs associated with not properly addressing any issues with your homes’ roof before selling the home.

Selling your home with a roof that has major problems or going against the advice of a professional to have it fixed can lead to negative consequences for you and your family. We advise all who wish to have professional Calgary Roofing Inspections to give the Roof Repair Calgary team at No Payne Roofing a call.

Bottom line, sellers only care about one thing, and that is not necessarily your best interest.

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