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Every roofing project is different, and giving an accurate estimate takes in-person inspections; but No Payne Roofing wants to give you good examples of previous work to give you a budget for similar roofs to your own. Remember to contact us when you’re ready to get an estimate for your specific roof.


With Euroshield quality and backed by a 50 year warranty, this roof is sure to stand the test of time while looking amazing the entire time.

$23,900 - Class 3

Mike and his guys put a new roof and gutters on our 4plex last summer, and did an awesome job. They installed a new roof over the main house and garage, a new skylight, and new gutters. No Payne Roofing worked quickly, and when we experienced a leak in the middle of the roofing during a bad rainstorm, Mike and his guys were there right away to find the source, and fix it fast. [...]

Dan Berger

Landmark Driftwood

$17,800 - Class 4

We are 100% pleased with No Payne Roofing. The crew were polite and as obtrusive as roofers could be. There was no mess for us to clean when the job was done. Mike really knows the business of roofing and on his advice, we got the best roof we could afford which yielded us a significant savings on our home insurance.

Dana Goldstein

Northgate Certainteed George Town Grey

$15,900 - Class 3

I reached out to No Payne for a shingles replacement on my home. They completed the roof inspection and identified potential and existing issues and addressed them before the shingles were replaced. Mike (owner) was easy to work with and whenever any issues came up, they were dealt with immediately, professionally and without any reluctance. [...]

Noah Yepes

Landmark George Town Grey

$8900 - Class 3

I needed to have my house and garage re-shingled and 2 skylights replaced in preparation for selling my house. I got a couple of quotes from a couple of roofing companies, they were pretty close in price but one of them could not get the skylights that I needed replaced. I went with Nopayne and am glad I did, they did an amazing job, on time and even my neighbors were impressed [...]

Carol Tea

IKO dual black

$10,900 - Class 3

Mike and his team were fantastic! We were glad that a good family friend recommended No Payne Roofing as our home was in desperate need of a new roof. Pricing was competitive; constant communication, one of the best I have experienced with a contractor; the team was respectful and plesant; and their quality is exceptional. We would highly recommend them for your repair or new roof.

Cory & Shawunna Leyte

IKO Drift wood

$17,800 - Class 4

Such an amazing experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing expert roof work done. All those I met from quote, to install to clean up were super. Carly was always ready to take my call, Brody was meticulous is his workmanship and Bo was amazing on the venting and communication. Love this company!

Sarah Wipf

Northgate George Town Grey

$12,900 - Class 3

I would and will recommend No Payne roofing to anyone who needs a new roof. The quote Mike gave was awesome for the size of my home and with a new skylight as well. The crew arrived on Thursday morning and finished the work on Friday afternoon. After the work was done on Friday I came home to my new roof. I went around my home and you could not tell that anybody was there as they cleaned up so well that I could not find anything left behind from the work they had done. [...]

Danny Tait

Colonial Slate

Calgary Roofing | Pricing

Calgary Roofing | Below is a rough guide for pricing different services. Please contact us directly to get a proper estimate for your particular needs.

Formal Inspection: $325 + GSTVentilation Balance/Correction:$380-$3200
Informal Inspection:$145 + GSTSmall Jobs Under 1 Hour:$325 + materials
Informal inspections are creditable against estimatesContinuous Eavestroughing:$800-$3500
Missing Shingles:$325 + materials (up to 10) + GSTVinyl Siding:$3000-$35,000
Insulation Attic Top-Up:$1800-$15,000Standard Double-Garage Asphalt:$3200-$5200
Emergency Leak Repairs:$425 + gst Night-time Emergency Leak Repairs: (7pm-6am)$740+
Formal Inspection: $325 + GST
Informal Inspection:$145 + GST
Informal inspections are creditable against estimates
Missing Shingles:$325 + materials (up to 10) + GST
Insulation Attic Top-Up:$1800-$15,000
Ventilation Balance/Correction:$380-$3200
Small Jobs Under 1 Hour:$325 + materials
Continuous Eavestroughing:$800-$3500
Vinyl Siding:$3000-$35,000
Standard Double-Garage Asphalt:$3200-$5200
Emergency Leak Repairs:$425 + gst
Night-time Emergency Leak Repairs: (7pm-6am)$740+

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