Chimney Repair Calgary

A damaged or deteriorating chimney can not only affect the safety and efficiency of your fireplace but also compromise the overall aesthetic and value of your property. Whether you’re facing issues with chimney leaks, cracks, deteriorating masonry, or structural problems, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to restoring your chimney to its optimal condition. With years of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a deep knowledge of the unique challenges posed by Calgary’s climate, we are your go-to experts for chimney repairs that ensure both the safety and charm of your home. Trust us to address your chimney concerns promptly and professionally, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and coziness of your fireplace with confidence.

Chimney Repair in Calgary

The Ultimate Chimney Repair Services

We offer straightforward solutions that will solve your chimney-related problems. Our team provides full-service chimney repair services in Calgary to residential properties across Calgary and its surrounding areas. We take pride in our highly skilled technicians who are experienced in fixing all sorts of chimney and fireplace issues.

We repair all kinds of damages. Nothing is too big that our team of chimney experts couldn’t solve:

Why Choose No Payne Roofing

Honest and Friendly

Most of all, we take pride in our honest and friendly team that you can rely on 24/7.

Excellent Customer Service

Give us a call and we will be there to assist you no matter what your chimney concerns are.


We demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and transparency evident in all our transactions.

State-of-the-Art Tools and Equipment

Our team uses high-tech equipment, tools, and machinery to make sure that we solve your chimney damages completely.

Top-Rated Products

To restore your chimney’s health, we use premium products sourced from leading global manufacturers.

Great Pricing

We offer our chimney repair services in Calgary at the most competitive and affordable rates.

Well-Trained Workers

We are composed of highly skilled chimney experts who possess a wide range of industry experience. Aside from chimney damages, we can repair roof issues including eavestrough damages that need repairs in Calgary. In addition, we’re one of the finest siding contractors Calgary AB has had for decades.