Metal Roofing Calgary | Boral Coated Steel

Metal Roofing Calgary | Boral Coated Steel

Today Mike and Brody talk about Metal Roofing in Calgary and learn about the most luxurious metal system, Boral Stone Coated Steel. No matter which roof you choose, it’s a substantial investment. So why not pick a more permanent solution? Boral Stone Coated steel is a tough interlock metal shingle. Being interlocked really means that it’s never coming off no matter how hard that wind blows, which makes installation practice very important since once it’s on it’s very difficult to take them off again. 

Boral Stone Coated Steel is a product that has been bought out a few times now, when we got our certificate this was under the company ” Metro Shingle. Our certificate shows that we’ve been trained with this product, so don’t leave it to the Joes, trust the pros. For this type of roof, a reasonable budget for your average home is going to land somewhere around the $50,000 mark. But don’t hold us to this number, we really need to check your home and make sure those attic conditions are proper. Never trust your roof to a company that neglects the attic inspection! 

Check our podcast now and get all the details. 

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