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Roofing Calgary | How Much For a New Roof?

Roofing Calgary | People often wonder how much it would cost to fix the roof of their home and often wonder where they might begin searching. The good news is that No Payne Roofing has answers that will help you with that.

We all know that a Calgary roofing repair can be expensive. When you are buying a new home or making changes and need to think about all the details and decide what is going to be the best option for your place, it’s a big job with costly implications. This includes your home’s roof. It can cause you a tremendous headache if you contemplate and execute incorrectly. These things need some careful thought and consideration. The time resource associated with searching around is also time and as such is money. No Payne Roofing will give you some different options on materials, time frame for the work to be done, guarantees for the future, and even great deals in one easy communication. 

Think about this, No Payne Roofing, a local and successful team of Calgary roofers is here to help you if you are ever in need of a new roof. Here, we discuss how much in general a Calgary roof typically costs for homeowners in the city of Calgary and what are the most common types of roofs in Calgary. There are some roofs that are better suited for the weather we have, and what makes No Payne Roofing one of the best roofing companies in Calgary. Also, some additional information to help guide you as an existing, or future homeowner.

It all depends on what kind of service you need, the complexity of work that needs to be done, the type of warranty you want, and your budget to see what kind of materials can be used. We know that it can be expensive, but you need to know how far you are willing to go to protect your home, especially in a weather climate as we have in Calgary which can cause a lot of serious hail damage to your property. Whether the section of the roof is small, the entire roof of the home, or a garage. Mike, Owner of No Payne Roofing says the costs typically range anywhere from $4,000 to $30,000, and to keep in mind that each year that passes this cost goes up with inflation.

“The most common roof type is Asphalt Shingle, but the best option in Calgary, because of our weather climate, is class 4 Roofs (also known as Euro Shield Rubber Roof), because it is literally guaranteed for life against hail. One of the main issues with the Euro Shield Rubber Roof is its price point and limited warranty. Which is usually over twice the cost to have a normal asphalt roof installed. Class 4 Roofs will qualify for an insurance premium discount and can easily pay for itself over the course of a few hail storms.” Says Mike.

When it comes to Calgary roofing suppliers, No Payne likes to take a “quality over quantity” approach and Mike assures that his company really cares about customers. They also have an integrated communication program that allows workers to message each other, for instance, to talk about manufacturing specifications at any time with one another. The shingles that the company uses are guaranteed for life and you never have to replace them again out of pocket with select brands such as Certainteed. The company also has a safety program where they make sure that everyone involved is safe and compliant. **Important** Cheaper companies usually are cutting safety standards, and by law, a homeowner can be held criminally liable facing up to 25 years in prison if there is a fatality on their home since in the eyes of the government the homeowner is the primary contractor.

Roofing Calgary

We asked another great local Calgary company, Urban City Builders how important safety is and what it means to the success of their company. Justin, one of the owners of Urban City Builders responded:

“I think as an owner you should always be making sure your trades are safe and that is always a main procedure. Always making sure your guys have all of their proper fall protection, plans put forward before the job starts, along with removing hazards and things like that.”

We also asked Justin if his company which is in the construction industry has any similarities with No Payne Roofing:

“Yeah, we’re both dealing with residential and homeowners, we are both in construction and we are in people’s houses. You want to get a really nice job done at the end of the day with a roof and that is probably the most important part of the house.”

Money is always a big thing, and one needs to be careful not to overspend. It is also very important to remember the quality of the service and material’s that you are getting in exchange. Sometimes, the cheaper option can turn into the most expensive down the road. Including the time it is going to take to redo the roof. So, make sure that the work of the Calgary roofing company you hire can withstand the test of time. 

If you are buying a home that is a few decades old and you already notice that the roof needs some upgrading, No Payne Roofing is an amazing local option. For homebuyers, it’s also important to have a home inspector check if everything else is working efficiently prior to purchase. So you can have peace of mind in your new home. With this in mind, we spoke to Jason from JCHI Home Inspection in Calgary:

We asked Jason what his business has that stands out from other local competitors, Jason responded:

“JCHI Home Inspections uses industrial grade and infrared thermal imaging cameras that are far higher resolution and it is a very sensitive camera that allows us to look for missing insulation, plumbing leaks that are dripping onto the ceiling that are not even staining the ceiling yet, while the competitors generally use something lower end that is more towards industrial applications. Also, we run a lot of water at all the plumbing fixtures and excessive amounts of water and flush in the toilets multiple, multiple times that allow us to find plumbing leaks on a regular basis.”

We also asked Jason about the relationship between No Payne Roofing and JCHI Home Inspection:

“No Payne Roofing replaced my own roof personally and as well as several of my neighbours’ roofs just based on our recommendation, so I do refer No Payne Roofing to our home buyer clients as well if they’re buying a house that has a roof that is showing its age or needing replacement within a year or two or less. No Payne Roofing can provide them a quote for as little as $145-$325 depending on varying factors. Which helps our home buyers because they don’t wanna be calling around randomly. We can just refer companies that we refer to, trust and know that they do a good job. And some of our clients have just taken our word for it.”

There is always somebody out there willing to do it for less, somebody who is willing to cut corners. There are always people looking to get an advantage so you can choose them but make sure you are going to get what your home really needs and most importantly, what you are paying for. 

Many Calgary roofers like to hire subcontractors, who also tend to hire other subcontractors to help them do the job. Often the more subcontractors that are involved, the less quality you will end up with.You might only get a limited lifetime warranty compared to the full lifetime warranty No Payne Roofing provides. It is really important to know the difference between a limited and lifetime guarantee. Initially a lifetime guaranteed roof is more money, but is the far less expensive option in most cases, and unless you plan to rip down your home, we always recommend going with a lifetime guarantee. 

A roof is worth what you put into it. Choosing the right company with a reputation for high-quality work and assurance that the job will be done well might cost you a little more upfront, but can ultimately save you the time and money in the long run.  

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