Skylight Installation in Calgary

Chicken Little’s Sky Light is Falling! Signs you need to repair your Sky Light

Skylights are a fantastic feature to add to your home! Having a skylight in your home is a valuable asset to you as a homeowner who can enjoy plenty of natural sunlight and even stargazing while indoors. That’s not all–it also adds to the market value of your property (which is great for resale!). A skylight gives every room a unique beauty and a modern feel, whether your home is old or new.

There are several telltale signs that your skylight needs replacement. These windows come in various shapes and sizes, which are also factors to consider when choosing a replacement skylight. Keep your skylight looking great and in top condition by looking out for some of these signs that indicate you might need to repair or replace yours!

1. It is approaching the end of its lifespan

While it is true that different models or brands of skylights have a varying expected lifespan, the general rule of thumb is that these units need to be replaced every ten years. It is worthwhile to get them inspected if the installation is around this age. Waiting too long to replace it can lead to aesthetic issues and less sunlight coming through–which is the whole point of the skylight, right?

2. It appears yellow and discoloured

As skylight windows get older, they usually become yellowed and discoloured or murky. This causes them to lose efficiency as the light will only be able to pass through partially. You may also notice bubbling on the drywall surrounding the skylight, which is unsightly. Considering that the main function of the skylight is to fill the indoor room with light from the sun if this purpose is not being fulfilled, it is time for a replacement. If you feel the window is not allowing a good amount of light in, call a specialist to come and inspect to ensure all problems are spotted. Waiting too long can lead to the next issues we address–cracks, leaks, and condensation.

3. There are cracks in the glass

A skylight is exposed to harsh weather elements year-round. Beating sun, ice, snow, wind, rain…it takes a toll. If visible cracks are starting to appear on the glass, no matter how small, it indicates that you need a replacement–pronto. Cracks allow rainwater or melting snow to pass through, resulting in leaks, and leaks can cause major damage.

4. Surprise… it’s leaking

Leaks are an immediate danger sign that a skylight replacement is due–yesterday. Although a skylight acts as a window, it is still part of the roof. If water is being allowed through, then there is a real problem that needs to be addressed by a roof repair specialist. Roof leaks can lead to mold growth, damaged rafters, spongy deck, peeling paint, and damaged ceilings. Yikes. Even if there is no actual leakage happening, any sign of trapped humidity is cause for concern–like condensation.

5. There is condensation

If condensation is forming in or around the skylight, it is often a sign that there is an issue with the sealant of the skylight. The sealant’s integrity has been compromised, and that is a severe problem. If this issue is ignored, it can lead to the entire roofing system needing to be replaced, so make sure to have your skylight inspected and replaced when needed.

If any of these signs appear, it is time to get your skylight replaced. Since skylight windows are heavy but fragile, you’ll need an expert to handle the repairs or replacement.

Is your skylight in need of replacement or repair? Whatever your issue is, No Payne Roofing can get the problem fixed quickly and efficiently. We offer reliable, fast, and courteous services along with unmatched quality craftsmanship. Give us a shout today, and let’s work together to resolve your skylight situation.