Roof Installation in Calgary

Fastest Roof Installation Ever (And How They Did It)

Many hands make light work—and in this case, we might light speed.

Sure, the timelapse does a lot of the heavy lifting. But that doesn’t take away from how impressive this job is from start to finish. Check it out!

This blog details a few observations that we took away from this project that might help you in your next rooftop reno. Or hey, give us a shout! We might just be able to beat their speed on your home!

The Team Size

Getting together that amount of people who aren’t afraid of heights is a feat in itself, but necessary if you don’t want your job to drag out.

Notice how individuals swarm only in the immediate area of their jobs. Some go about cleaning up, some supply others with shingles, and some do a fast-paced jig too detailed to make out fully. Each section is detailed by a worker who oversees the step thoroughly before moving on to the next. When they need help, runners pass them tools. This process ensures they are not taking their eyes off the task and that a mental comb is run over every inch.

When you get a large team of experienced tradesmen together, you can enjoy incredible results quicker than on your own.

Materials Are Laid Out

Everything you see on the roof is ready to go by the time the cameras roll. Shingles are secure and in place, and hands are eager to work. You don’t see those trucks driving in and out to pick up nails or glue! Everything has been measured in advance.

Experienced teams often know precisely how much they’ll need and how much to pack as a contingency. Specialized tools are brought to every job, ensuring no time is wasted shopping when you could be building. There are no shortages of ladders, hammers, or hands to make the day fly by.

An experienced team of roofers will have access to the tools and materials needed for a project from start to finish, preventing unnecessary delays.

Teams are Organized

We wish our kitchens looked like that lawn after we’ve finished cooking a big dinner. Usually, it’s something closer to the aftermath of a poultry-based H-bomb.

Ground teams are constantly picking up fallen shingles and resetting ladders. Runners provide the tools and materials needed by the nailers, who work quickly back to back. Like an ant colony, they communicate instantaneously without delays. The new shingles start at the edges and meet seamlessly in the middle. A strong sense of organization underpins all of their efforts and gets them out before the sunset. All of that and not a scrap of garbage left behind when they’re done!

An organized team can prioritize tasks to ensure every step towards the finished product lines up in order.

While this team set a high bar in terms of time and quality, we’re always working at coming closer. Someday, maybe!

While it’d be nice to be done in a day, we believe that haste can often make waste. We work before and after the job to make sure clients are happy with the results and understand the project’s scope and how it will protect your home for years to come. Check out our client reviews to get a sense of how communication plays a role in our projects from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a reno and fast, we’re here to help. Book a meeting to get started!