Gutter Cleaning Services in Calgary

Life in the gutter – the worst that can happen if you neglect your gutters!

Has it been a while since you took a peek at your gutters?

For most, the past couple of years have been busy ones, and many homeowners may have neglected their homes. Gutter cleaning is one area people have in particular been neglecting.

If you don’t feel comfortable tackling your gutters, you can hire gutter cleaners to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The importance of gutter cleaning is endless for those that want to experience a comfortable home experience. It’s important to understand why this is a vital part of your home and the reasons one must maintain it. We want to avoid major damage and long-term issues down the line, and here are some great reasons to have your gutters taken care of ASAP.

1. Unwanted Guests

Keep your gutters clean, or you may have some unwanted guests (aka critters) moving in.

One of the most common issues we see in clogged gutters is the presence of little creatures. As your gutters become clogged with organic material and debris (like leaves, twigs, and fruit from nearby trees), insects and furry pests may begin to flock to the area.We doubt you want an infestation, but unknowingly, your neglected gutters are offering a gourmet meal to guests that you never invited into or around your home. Carpenter ants and termites often join the party, which can pose a significant risk to the structural integrity of your home.

And guess what? Exterminators are pricey contractors, and you may need to see them several times to eradicate the issue. So call us instead because a professional gutter cleaning is more affordable and less stressful than coordinating with an exterminator.

2. Damaged to the System

Clogs and buildup in your gutters lead to sagging gutters, clogged downspouts, and other gutter system concerns. Those can, in turn, quickly add up and damage your entire gutter system. If you have too much weight on any component of the gutter system (like from ice buildup in winter or debris), you’ll notice that the gutter begins to sag. This prevents proper water flow and damages the structural integrity of the gutter.

What if it’s already happened? In the best-case scenario, you can repair one area of your gutter, which will cost you. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to entirely replace your entire gutter system to the tune of thousands of dollars.

By conducting routine home maintenance and booking reliable gutter cleaning services, you’re making sure your gutters have a long and healthy lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about more serious–and pricey– repairs down the road. Maintaining your preexisting system is the most cost-effective way to manage your gutter systems.

3. Water Damage

Water damage is the Goliath issue of homeowners: extensive, destructive, and potentially devastating. Collapsing and sagging gutters can result in roof leaks, foundation damage, structural damage, and severe damage to your roofing. Cleaning up post-leak water damage is a costly affair that is exceptionally time-consuming and spells immediate stress for the homeowner. Not to mention, water damage often leads to larger, more pervasive issues like mold and mildew, which have consequences on your health.

Your gutters are there for a reason: they control the flow of rainwater throughout the exterior of your home to ensure that water doesn’t build up on the fascia boards. The best thing you can do is ensure that the water is appropriately flowing so no water can seep into the structures of your home that need to be protected.

4. Proper Rain Flow

Stagnant water from an overflowing eavestrough can create water damage to your home. If you’re experiencing an improper rain flow in your drainage system, a warning sign is water overflowing out the sides of your gutter guards.

As if a leaky roof weren’t enough, you may find that parts of your landscaping become damaged. As water improperly builds up and pours over, any bushes or plants underneath are at risk of being destroyed.

Cleaning your gutters ensures that your system stays in good condition, and so do the structures, your home, and the beautiful landscaping around it.

Your home is the most significant investment you’ll ever make! Of course, maintenance can be time-consuming and daunting; however, cleaning gutters is one of the most important routines you can get into.

Luckily, a professional eavestrough cleaning service can take care of this for you.

For more information about our services, tips, and tricks, browse the rest of our website or call our office today for hands-on advice and experience. We look forward to improving the exterior of your home so the interior remains in excellent condition!