Shingle Repair in Calgary

Need a New Roof or Shingle Repair in Calgary? You May Qualify for Free Service

Have you purchased a new roof in the past five to ten years? What do you do if shingles start falling off long before the warranty is up—and why could this be happening? If this scenario sounds familiar, chances are you’re feeling frustrated and wondering what you can do about it. 

If you’re currently facing shingle issues after a recent roof purchase or if a roof inspection in Calgary has revealed the need for repairs or replacement, there’s a potential silver lining. You could qualify for free service. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind shingle issues and how you can potentially secure a free roof replacement or shingle repair in Calgary.

Why Shingles Fall Off New Roofs

Manufacturing defects and incorrect fastening are among the leading causes of shingles blowing off roofs. If the roof is steep and the installer failed to follow manufacturer instructions (ie. using extra nails or hand-tabbing with asphalt sealant), the risk of losing shingles can be high. Dutch lapping can also occur with improper installation—this happens when shingles aren’t butted up correctly and overlap each other, creating small gaps between the roof and shingles that allow wind to get through. It’s worth noting that if a roof isn’t installed properly, repairs can sometimes be impossible, and instead, the entire roof may need to be replaced. 

Additionally, shingles often require the heat of the sun to warm them up and help them lay flat, so if they were installed during the winter and haven’t been exposed to warmer weather, they could still be fragile and susceptible to blowing off. 

When it comes to proper installation of your roof, it’s also important to take note that your home’s chimney can play a big part in its integrity. We spoke with Rodger of Rodger That HVAC in Calgary to learn more about how important it is for the roof to ensure the chimney is installed properly.

(Installing the roof correctly is) pretty crucial, obviously you will have things like leakage and condensation potentially build up. If the chimney were to be improperly installed the negative consequences could potentially be even greater. You would potentially be looking at carbon monoxide leakage into the home so that is number one. So long as the homeowners are protected from carbon monoxide, that is a good thing, all homes should be. Chimneys are carrying out the products of combustion from the home. If this is compromised in anyway in any location from the mechanical room to the roof, that would cause leakage into the home’s attic space or bulkheads, wherever it’s been run through.”

Your Options as a Homeowner

A hassle-free visit from No Payne Roofing can provide you with a thorough diagnostic assessment of your home’s roof. After your roofing estimate has been completed, No Payne Roofing will take two shingle samples from your roof that you can then send to the manufacturer. In some cases, the manufacturer may pay for a complete re-seal of your roof at no additional cost, provided your issues occur within the timeframe of your manufacturer warranty. 

How You Can Receive Free Roof Replacements or Shingle Repair in Calgary

If you’re filing an insurance claim to repair your roof but the brand or colour of your current shingles is no longer available, your home insurance provider will often replace the entire roof for free, with the exception of your agreed-upon deductible.

To provide you with more detailed information, we spoke with Crista Costen, the President/Director of Costen Insurance in Calgary. We asked her what the process is for filing a claim for an improperly fastened roof. 

In the event of a claim, a client can reach out to notify us and we’ll review their policy with them and confirm their deductible. We can then take the claim details on their behalf to report it to the insurance company, or in most cases, we will transfer them to to the insurance company’s claims department to report the claim directly. The insurance company will take their statement and then assign an adjuster to come out and assess the damages, confirm coverage, discuss and limitations, and assist the client in arranging for contractors to come out to provide estimates for repairs.”

The manufacturer may also cover the cost of replacing your roof if it’s still under warranty, or in some cases, you may be covered under a workmanship warranty from the installer. When this happens, you won’t be on the hook for a deductible. 

Schedule a Reliable Roof Inspection in Calgary

No Payne Roofing offers roof inspections in Calgary with full diagnostic reporting for as little as $145-$325, depending on whether the estimate is formal or informal. To protect the integrity of your home and access reliable shingle repair in Calgary, contact No Payne Roofing today.