Roof Maintenance Services in Calgary

Spring Cleaning: The Roof Checklist

In the excitement of either harvesting your garden or planting one, or simply getting out of the house come Spring or tucking into books in Winter, it’s easy to overlook some key elements of home maintenance. No one said it was going to be pretty, but you’ll be grateful when the weather changes and your roof steps up to match seasonal demands.

Below are some simple places to start your home maintenance routine, both inside and out. As with any home maintenance, it is wise to have help on hand for simple fixes or to call in a professional should the situation require.


The roof might be outside, but it’s meant to protect what’s inside. With this part of the checklist, you’re ensuring damage has not already gone unnoticed. If you notice something beyond your scope, always refer to a professional who may be able to help mitigate any further damages.

  • Inspect your entire attic: If light or water has appeared, you will know the general area.
  • Check for mould or mildew: This may appear as stains on your attic surface or as a general odour. If you detect something out of the ordinary, this could indicate either compromised roofing or an issue in your home’s ventilation.
  • Check your ceilings: If water has entered your home, it will settle on its way back down to ground level. Stains, smells, or sagging ceiling finishes indicate trouble.


Outside is where things can get tricky for those with limited experience in maintenance. Safety harnesses and proper training lead to less danger for you and your roof. Consider a professional before examining these common problem areas, and if you go up yourself, have a helping hand and safety equipment at all times.

  • Check your eavestrough connections: If they are loose or disconnected from the roof, they stand the risk of falling.
  • Check to see if eavestroughs overflow: This could best be achieved in times of rainfall. If they are overflowing, determine the blockage areas and proceed from there.
  • Clear eavestrough debris: Twigs, leaves, and other debris will break down over the winter and settle in your eavestroughing by Spring. Clear this out by hand to help increase water flow.
  • Trim any problematic trees: If your trees are beginning to rub against your walls, roof, or eavestroughing, now would be a good time to trim them back. Even minor snags can cause issues for your exterior in windy conditions.
  • Assess the state of your shingles: This is a big job that requires professional maintenance or replacement every 15 years. If yours are looking worse for wear, it may be time to reshingle. For small patches, speak with a professional to assess the proper next step.

A Spring Cleaning routine never hurts, indoors or outdoors. Your roof protects not only your most valuable assets but your comfort as well. Take care of your roof with guidance from local professionals. No Payne Roofing can make sure your repairs are just that—no pain at all.