New Roof for Residential in Calgary

What is the Cost of A New Roof in Calgary?

Many homeowners wonder what it may cost to fix their roof should anything go wrong. The process of replacing a roof begins with scheduling a roof inspection in Calgary, which can determine what the process of replacing your roof will look like, as well as whether replacing your roof is necessary. In this post, No Payne Roofing is providing you with the information you need if you’re pondering how much a new roof can cost in Calgary. 

The Cost of a New Roof in Calgary

It’s no secret that a Calgary roofing repair can be expensive. Even when you’re buying a new home or making changes to your current home, there are plenty of details to consider. Realizing that your roof is an important part of your home and choosing a roofer you can trust is vital to ensuring your roof is installed securely and correctly. It’s important to shop around to obtain information about different materials, schedules, guarantees, and of course, roofers’ reputations. 

When it comes to finding a roofer you can trust, No Payne Roofing is here to help. As a local, successful team of Calgary roofers, our team can schedule your roof inspection in Calgary and help you select and install your new roof. 

The cost of a new roof depends largely on the type of service, the complexity of work, and the type of warranty you want. Your budget will help you make these decisions. Mike, owner of No Payne Roofing, says the cost of a new roof can range from $4,000 to $30,000, so it’s important to consider exactly how secure you want your roof to be, and how much you’re willing to spend.

Mike says, “The most common type of roof is asphalt shingle, but the best option in Calgary, because of our climate, is Four Roofs (also known as Euro Shield Rubber Roof). It’s literally guaranteed for life against hail. One of the main issues with Euro Shield Rubber Roof is its price point, which is usually over twice the cost (of a normal asphalt roof).”

Choosing a Roofer

No Payne Roofing takes a quality over quantity approach to selecting roofing suppliers. Mike assures that his business cares about their customers. It provides an integrated communication program that allows workers to communicate seamlessly with each other to discuss manufacturing specifications, and the shingles used by the company are guaranteed for life. Furthermore, No Payne Roofing’s safety program ensures the safety and compliance of workers while on the job. 

Speaking about No Payne Roofing with Jason from JCHI Home Inspections, he said, “No Payne Roofing replaced my own roof personally, as well as several of my neighbour’s roofs just based on our recommendation. I do refer No Payne Roofing to our homebuyer clients if they’re buying a house that has a roof that’s showing its age or needing replacement within a year or two… No Payne Roofing can provide them with a quote for as little as $145 to $325, depending on varying factors. This helps our homebuyers because they don’t want to be calling around randomly. We can just refer companies that we trust and know do a good job.

Schedule a Roof Inspection in Calgary

Wondering if you might be in need of a new roof? To discuss the cost, necessary materials, and options available to you, reach out to No Payne Roofing today and schedule a roof inspection in Calgary.